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Friday, June 29, 2012

Long time no see...

Wow, it has been over a year since i last updated the blog...how time flies.. To recap, we have participated in several tournaments other then the usual weekly friendlies. The club has grown in size of its memberships, we have had held our first AGM and elected the new committee. Agro bank is still our base for Wednesdays matches and the performance on the pitch has been very satisfactory to say. Winning and losing matches are normal in football and i am proud to say that the members are really giving their best in every matches they played. In the end, it is important that we keep to the spirit of the game, fairness, respect to your teammates and opponents and play to your best that matters most. I wish to congratulate each and every of our club members for your contribution because without you guys, the club would not be where it is today.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wed FC received a thrashing but ok mah!

KL Wed fc received a real thrashing today after Kajang Africans dominated play for much of the time.

Clear instructions was given by coach cum player Waynaldo to defend en-mass and exert pressure once they cross over the midfield line. Things got of well initially but off a through pass their left winger easily slotted the first goal after some 5 minutes of play. Undaunted, the defence line marshaled by Bullet Lee effectively closed down every gap and chances the Kajang team has. They ended up resorting to long range shooting which did not threaten Eric much. Wed FC could have equalised in the closing stage of 1st period when Dive Master Jason Lim let fly an American football style field goal in his attempt to shoot. 1-0 it ended.

Second period saw the introduction of President Long together with Boss Jason and Kepong Siong. The floodgate really opened up in this period as mistake after another saw Kajang African scored 4 more goals. As the juncture, a special mention to the official returned of our long lost son , Zitan Tan. Zitan was there to replaced fellow ACL Club member Waynaldo Lee mid-way through the second period. It has been 2 long year absence from football action for Zitan. Fireworks were exploding here and there signalling the return of the prodigal son. It was indeed a very touching scene and i thought i saw a few teary eyes around me or was it the huge dose of sweats dripping down the forehead of my eyes???

Zitan was quickly involved in some action and a few fake jump and header here and even a 20 meter bust down the right flank saw his made an unsuccessful cross. He has definitely not lost his competitiveness!

Third period started with us behind 0-5. With Bullet decided to call it a day, Gaga Sia and new partner Luan Luan Jao stand strong in the heart of defence. Although they did let in a goal, their partnership certainly need to be seriously considered for our next game. Who knows, this will free up Bullet thus allowing him to finally play his dream position of "freemen".

Eventually, we lost 6-0 but hey, this is not bad at all, our worst was a 9-0 thrashing earlier this year! Half a dozen only mah! As for others who read this piece, this Sunday marked the beginning of our Airplane league in Agro Bank. Manager will be Alan and Lingam. They will give you a call for match details.

Alan, do your work man! Show us what you got!.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Team Badge for KL Wednesday FC

Introducing the new team badge for KL Wednesday FC. The design was courtesy of a friend - Chan (a former United FC player, which used to take part in KL Social Soccer League).

With the official registration of the club, KL Wednesday FC will adopt this design as our team badge.

African Nation Cup month

Well, April month was the month of African Nation cup for KL Wednesday FC. And why do i say that? For the obvious reason that we have play 4 different team of African ethnic background.

The first was against the Help Uninversity, followed by Serdang Africans, LimKokWing University and then yesterday Red Munich. Guess what, it wasn't surprise that we loss despite putting up a fighting performance. It was simply a case of David vs Goaliath for us. Regardless of the score (which was quick significantly big margin, average 4 goals a game with only the first game we lost by 1-3), we were outplayed in terms of skill and speed. The only department we easily outmatched them was our talks. Haha.

The old guys was just complaining to me why the hack we kept organizing matches against these kind of opponents, where we were simply dominated by them. Well, my kayu friends, it is now very difficult to find teams to play and when i realized we can easily get so many African teams, why not i save the trouble to make so many calls?

For a panadol relief to those who have develop African phobia, we have now managed to organize a game with MIB for next Wednesday. So, no more excuse that you can win. OK Kayu?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Approval from Registrar of Societies

Approval has been granted by R.O.S on the official formation of our club. It shall be named Kelab Bolasepak KL Wednesday (KL Wednesday Football Club).

Our clubhouse address will be in Kajang town center courtesy of our staunch supporter and member Mr. Jason Ng. The club "mengalu-alukan" any forms of support from members and wellwishers in terms of financial or non-financial support. Our president Mr Hew Fooi Loong has generously donated 2 units of air-cons to be installed at the clubhouse.Mr Gaga Sia is expected to follow suit by donating a pool table for member's recreation. Any other items such as chairs, tabls, desks , sofas, curtains are welcome as well. As the current premise is a vacant lot, any fixtures and fittings that will help to beautify the place are welcome.

We will also lauch a gotong royong to clean up the place and also repaint the venue.

Will keep everyone informed.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Wednesday 1-0 Ipoh "Not" Veteran

It turned out that either our friend ah Ong was blurred or the opponent purposely misled us on their age. What to be expected as a friendly between veteran players became a young vs mature game. Yes, we are not old enough to be called old..in pornographic movies term, we are deemed to be "mature".

The slight drizzle at Kajang did not dampen our spirit for a great work out. By the time i reached there, we already have 11 very eagered "mature" guys wanted to play. Despite the fact that on the other end of the pitch we saw a bunch of young, fit looking guys warming up for the game, we continued to do our routine hisap rokok, blow water talk, all the while waiting for the refs to turn up.

The pitch condition is bad and dangerous to "mature" players. But what to do, we have reached there, might as well continue lah..

All in, the summary of the game was this: while the opponent seemed much faster, they lacked ideas on how to attack. As for us, we lacked the speed but compensated with good brain. So the game was a sea-saw battle concentrating major part of the on field action in the middle part of the pitch. Our only hope of taking the lead was wasted when Luan Luan Jao's John header found it wasy to the goalpost. Other than that, not much action.

One note to the game is the injury sustained by twin ah Chuen, he was injured when he wrong stepped himself and fell painfully on his left knee. He was in a lot of pain and had to be carried off. Initial suspicions could be his ligament or meniscus. We pray for speedy recovery for ah Chuen and will miss his service in the midfield.

The only goal of the match came off a combination of quick passes and intelligent thinking starting from ah Bao who pass to Waynaldo, who then whacked in a quick pass to Alan Lau, who then cleverly sent in a well weighted pass to Willy. Willy used his muscle power well to waived off the on rushing defender and scored in a one on one situation.

Here is the field report.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Friendly game at Kajang Stadium

There will be a friendly this Sunday night at Kajang Stadium against a IPOH veterean team. See u guys there.