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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Upcoming Night games- TBA

We are arranging a night game with UKM on Monday 6th at UKM Stadium. To be advised.
UKM is playing in the Uni League Division 2. Been a while since we last played them in 2006. Those who are interested please sign up.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Video - Malaysia vs W.Germany 1972 Olympic games

I was too young to remember anything at all. It was from sports history that i knew Malaysia football reaches one of its height when we made it to the Olympics. The other one was of course the success of 1980 (which we boycotted).

Stanley, you better call Choon Wah and inform him about this (not forgetting Loon Teck and Dato Soh too). Enjoy watching it. Look at the confidence and ball play of our players. Ada class maa!

Now? Like the Chinese saying: "no eye see liao"


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Weds 4 - 1 JPA

JPA (Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam) is a team preparing for the upcoming KL league Div 1. A good side with many recruits consisting of ex-M league, reserve league players. Always tough to play against them.
Weather - was at Uniten by 4pm. Minum Milo and order a set of roti bakar. Ah Fai suppose to turn up at 4:30 "fong fei gei". Slowly getting darker. Wonder got game at Uniten?
Spoke to Zul, call up Rafi again to stand by BP. Zul went to BP and reported better to play the game there. All move on to BP.
Not long after, it rained. Still playable we prayed. Our prayer was answered. Game on! Slight drizzle only. John and Bullet rushing over right after their massage session! Not many who turned up today.
First eleven - Ong-goalie lah. Bullet and Chicken - centre back, stopper. Waynaldo and John- left/right back. Bao, Soon Teck, Zul and Soon - 4 midfielders. Neo and Crazy - twin strikers. Reserve - Kenny, Fai and Big Loong, and Ong's godson.
First half, evenly contested game. Crazy opened scoring via a glancing header.
Second half, JPA came all over us. Looking dangerous and they scored eventually. 1-1. Crazy again supply the danger move, he was tricked and penalty given. Crazy was streched off. Not sure if he can play in SSL CUP game this Sun. Waynaldo stepped up and converted. 2-1. Waynaldo gave away penalty in turn. JPA failed to score hitting the post 2 kali. Bad omen for them.
Weds FC wake up from this. Attack, attack, attack. One of this move saw their Indra Putra look a like defender got sent off for intentionally clearing the ball with his golden hands. Maybe he thought he is the keeper. Bullet Lee, after his powerful massage session, got inspired and he scored! Goallllllllllllllllll.
Next come Luan Luan Jao. He saw a big hole right in from of the goalpost and cooly sent in a simple cross to make it 4 -1. Lingam must be happy knowing that his new signing will continue his scoring act with Maluri.
Good game mate!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Weds 6 - 0 KK Ulu Langat

It was a sunny afternoon in Bangi and all seemed to point to a perfect day for good football. Alas, it was not to be. A call from Crazy informed that the middle part of Uniten B has become a fishing pond, no thanks to the earlier down pour around 2pm. A quick call to Rafi confirmed that we can use Bank Pertanian, another life saver was thrown to this match. A few sms to the key persons helped passed the messages around.

Our young opponents were from the Community College of Ulu Langat, which made some of us thought that, just like any young teams, they will give us all a good run for our money. It turned out to be the other way round.
Our B team consist of Ong (in goal), center back Bullet, and Stopper Bao. Wing back Waynaldo and Fai chai. Midfielders: Big Loong, BT Lee, Luan luan jao and Zul. Forwards: Crazy and Kenny. At the go, initial five minutes the contest was quite even, however, not long after we dominated play with Kenny missing 3 sitters. Wonder what and when will make him score? Finally,scored Kenny did. By wrestling the ball from the defenders, he scored from a one on one situation. After that the floodgates opened. Two more goals from Crazy and Bullet (penalty) gave us a comfy 3-0 lead at first period.
Second period the A team tropped in fully expecting to double what the B team did. A team: Kit (goalie), Yen and Thiam in center. Wing back Jason and Soon. Midfield: BT Lee, Sia, Yew and Soon Teck. Forward : Kim tu and Willy. Man, Sia misses more chances than Kenny did and they only able to add two more goals.
Third period saw the re-emergence of B team except Big Loong and Ong. This time the guys were pretty relax in their play and only Fai chai add his name to the score sheet. 6-0 it ended.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


皇帽槟城体育俱乐部国际7人足球赛 印尼古尼亚球会摘冠
二零零九年三月九日 下午四时十六分

(槟城9日综合电)第 10 届皇帽槟城体育俱乐部国际7人足球赛周日傍晚圆满落幕,来自印尼的古尼亚球会在至高荣誉的宿将精英赛击败槟城武吉占姆球会,勇摘冠军。



较早前的宿将决赛,直辖区华人球会凭邱惠龙上半场第3分钟施展头捶绝杀,1比0击退朗交怡球会。这项由槟城体育俱乐部创办的赛会从2000年开始,本次共有多达40支海内外球队及昔日球星同场竞逐,创历届赛会新高。马来西亚皇帽市场有限公司则连续第2年成为皇帽槟城体育俱乐部国际7 人足球赛的主要赞助商。