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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Weds 0-2 Seremban Chinese

Playing under the glaring sun with a temperature of over 37 degree is not joke. What more, it is a game against a very young and capable side from Seremban. The opoonent team , led by Chris Khoo is an experience side with many of them playing for NS in the MCFA cup. An able opponent indeed.

Match started with a cautious approach adopted by the more senior KL Weds FC. The younger lads in the rank were ah Bil, ah Siang and the rest are oldies. The tempo of our game was certainly a slow and easy one. We were relying more on the odd number of chances to launch some quick counter attacks. Otherwise, we were more than happy to absorb the opponents attacks. First period finished with no score.

Changes were made to the squad and again it was still a mix of young and old. We conceded a goal when ah Kow was feeded a nice ball and he only had Ong to beat. Without wasting any time, ah Kow shot with a thunderous kick to open the scoring. 1-0. The Weds team tried to pushed up harder looking for that opportunity to score an equaliser. The best chance came when Jackson was put through by Jef and in a one on one situation, Jackson somehow could not round the keeper to score.

Third period saw the reintroduction of those who were left out. Again, somewhat feeling the heat, we kind of started to melt and it was in one of those moment of hesitation that our usually reliable Cikgu mispass the ball to Eng Kui. Eng Kui quickly took a few steps forward before sending a well weighted cross to their forward Yap to place the ball in. 2-0. Thereafter, it went to a ding dong battle between the 2 side and it finished off as victory to the visitor.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Weds FC 1-1 UPM FC

As usual a very tough encounter is expected whenever we play UPM FC. Being a young team, the posseseed skill, speed, and stamina. Certainly all that is needed to make a quick killing against a bunch of aging footballers.

The turn out for this match was not affected by several of the Weds FC players turning up in Shah Alam for the Shah Alam league. It was a total of 20 players that turn out in full force in our battle with UPM.

The match certainly live up to its bill as both teams managed to ditch out entertaining game. Both sides were trying their best to attack and no goals were scored in the first period. In the second period, we took the lead with a well deserve penalty. One thing to mentioned was guest player from Brazil, Fla. Fla provided the much needed spark with his well-timed passes and scintilating runs to penetrate the opponent lines. He nearly took the lead with a powerful shot some 30 yards out, only seen his effort hitting the bar. His skil was typical of a good Brazillian player.
Kenny and Ah Soon were our casualty of the night, with both needing stiches to their heads in separate incidences. Ah Soon was the more serious injury needing 4 stiches to patch him up at Serdanng Hospital. Fai Chai was heard saying the lucky number to buy will be 1524 or 2415 as that was the jersey worn by these two players.

UPM equalised in the 3rd period and the game finished with a 1-1 score.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

IFC Soccer 9s Runner Up

KL Wednesday FC finished a remarkable runner up spot in the just concluded IFC Soccer 9s held at Club Aman on Saturday. The event was the 2nd edition where we were the inaugural tournament champion. This year, the participating teams added some international flavor with the inclusion of 4 foreign teams, making it a 16-team tourney. The tourney is one for players born before 1970 but allowing two players in the range of 35-39 to take part.
KL Weds were drawn in group D together with Home & Away, Universal and Wen Parker A (New York). We won our matches with a scoring of 1-0, 2-0, and 3-0 respectively. Our quarterfinal opponents was last year finalist, host IFC and we defeated them with a convincing score of 2-1. Waiting in the semi-final was Club Aman which did not give much of a resistance and we qualified with a 2-0 victory.
The true test and a dream final saw the two best teams in the tourney meet up. Uniplast, bosated with a host of ex-nationals like Somasundram, Jayakanthan, Reman Ragunathan, S Sivaram, Zainal Nordin also qualified with east.
The final started off smoothly only somehow affecteddue to the over eagerness of referees, Loo Wai Keong (not again, this was the guy that caused the controversial SSL FA cup semi final between TSV and Sang Chuan abandoned when he call off the match during half time). Nickname "Mastercard" Loo pulled out a yellow card to Misai Choi without hesitation, and Misai needed to sit out for 2 minutes. Batman also received his luck when he too was flashed a yellow for what seemed to be a fair challenge to the opponent. It was somehow in this situation that we lost a bit of concentration and they squeezed in a lucky shot.
Undaunted, we fight with them tooth and nail but luck was certainly not with us this time. As time progressed, the guys in green mananged to hold on for a 1-0 victory. Eventhough we lost, credit must be given to all the players for giving their best.
Weldone KL Wednesday!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Thrashing..

Facing up with the last minute change of venue, led to our downfall..What an excuse i said. But we were truly down and out having to fight with the much fitter and skillful young Africaners of INTI College.

The match was played in fast tempo with the old guns struggling to keep pace. Undaunted, several dangerous raids by us nearly saw us taking the early lead. It turned out that when you don't score, you get slaughered.

A much unwanted 0-5 loss was the order of the day. We lost to a much better team but kudos to those who played for displaying Wednesday FC trademark of never giving up. Kalah pun ada maruah lagi. Respect from the young opponents was there to be seen when they all shake our hands and congratulated the old horses for giving them a great match.

Next week, we will be back...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Penang International 7s

The Old and not so old "cork" of Wed FC travel to Penang for this tourney for the 5th year. This year have seen a not so satisfying result for both the Veteran and Master teams. Nevertheless, it was still a fun filled trip. Both teams qualified easily to the second round, it was the second round that the real tests were waiting for us.

For the veteran category, having drew 1-1 with PSC, we collected maximum points by beating Medan Chinese and Putkin Nasos (Australia).In the second round, we lost all 3 matches namely to eventual Champion Jurong Western Singapore(which has a host of ex-internationals and pros such as with Abbas Saad V Sundramoorthy), Indonesian side Pertamina and RSC. The standard of play for all four teams were no doubt of high quality. No one can say for sure they can easily take on another team. Strong contenders such as PCRC( with Chan Kok Heng, Chee wan Hoe), Soccer Experience Europe (with Bobby Chua, Scott Olerenshaw) and PSC were knocked out in the second round as well.

It was a bitter lost for the Masters team having just needed a draw in their last match vs HK All Stars. Luck was certainly not on their side as they subcumbed to the last kick of the game. Having easily won the group stage with 1 draw and 2 wins, the second stage saw the Master team drew their first match with Taiping CRC and later defeated Soccer Experience Asia. Alas! a semi final spot was not to be when HK All Stars shown us the door. Of course no body was happy with the manner we losing it. Cikgu and Malau was having a "big" quarrel on this matter. Stanley was muted having seen his substitution led to the goal when he came in and somehow disagreed upon by others. A controversy? Aiyo, wise up..just football only lah..Lost mean lost loh..who wants to kalah, everyone also wanted to win mah..In the end, friends are friends, after letting steam off, all went back to normal.

All reasons can be given by whoever who has a piece to say but the important thing is we all learn to accept the results. Remember always, at this age, the main idea for the trip is for friendship and fun, winning or losing becomes secondary as long as you try your best. So in the end it was a very enjoyable trip for the guys.

This week shall see the group of above 40s guys playing in the IFC 9 a side at Club Aman. Hope for a better result this time boys!

Monday, March 1, 2010


Congratulation to all the old kok and young bananas that took part in the just concluded MPKJ 9 a side tournament at UKM. To emerge champion and walk away with the prize money was really a job WELL DONE.

At least we know there are lots of youngster ready to take over when some of the old koks like Bullet Lee, Cikgu, MascheTailow retired.

Once again, WELL DONE.

Now.......Penang.....the old koks are coming....