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Friday, July 31, 2009

Fast n Furiuos

This is game remember to be one driving a Ferrari vs Proton Saga 1986. Not the different in value but purely in terms of speed. Yup. The young boys of UKM were a bunch of speedy Gonzalez while the more experience Weds FC were clearly lacking in the speeding room.
Whenever a Wed FC guy hold on to the ball, immediately a shadow from UKM will be neared him. This causes many interruptions to our game plan. The advantage was on the UKM boys. Needless to say, from the first whistle, they were running all over the field creating rooms for themselves and much chasing's by the veterans of Weds FC.
Wave after wave of attacks were somehow kept at bay by the defensive lineup of Bullet, Bao, Jason and Waynaldo. The crack finally happened regardless. 1-0 when a through ball saw UKM scored their first of the night. And they nearly scored another not long after the first goal. We were rescued by the grace of referee's whistle calling for cigarette break.
With tremendous turn up (24 players in total), only 2 players survived to play in the second period. Sifu and Ong. The rest were ah Chuen (twin brother of Ah Hao, who just did his ACL operation), Liu (hairstylist), Dato Dribble Leks, Klang boys: Gaga Sia, Alonso Yew and Barcode Zac, Cikgu, ah Soon, Frankie for the second team. Well, we sort of started brightly and nearly scored an equalizer only for forward to muff it. Then, UKM again scored via a clever through ball against the run of play.
3rd period started with Mohd Ishavi (of Libya) playing for the first time for us. A player with some neat touches but lack of understanding with his fellow strikers let us down. Tak apalah. With Weds FC fast getting tired, UKM took full advantage to add two more goals to complete the rout. 0-4. See you next Wednesday at LLM.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Itchy punya kaki...

Aiyoyo!! What to do today between 4-7 o'clock ah?? That was the feeling of a lot of our kaki bola. Well! I can feel the same too you know? Having all set to play a game today only to be told that it has to be postponed! Alamak i ....

Big Loong called early in the morning saying i should try look for another team to play- just to feed the appetite of these hungry footballers. I know. We can find a team easily if given 24 hours time BUT to do it in the matter of a few hours is a tough call. Try i did.. but to no success. The last hope was hinged on UPM Staff team. Coach Saheh said he would let me know latest by 3:30pm but it turned out that he could only get 6 guys to play. So, game tak jadi. In the end, Big Loong, Bullet, John, Kenny and me went over to the factory outlet store in Summit to scout for any good adidas bargains. The result was : 4 pairs of shoes, 3 for Big Loong and 1 for Kenny. A real sweat deal with Predator Swerve going for only RM219 after a hefty 60 percent discount. This retail therapy sort of calm their nerves of not having a chance to play football on a fine Wednesday afternoon.

I received a call late this evening at around 9:30 from none other than Zul. Guess what? Our friend went all the way to UKM and found himself all alone. See you tomorrow night Zulhilmi. Cheers.

Viva La Vida

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Monday, July 27, 2009

Change of venue for next 2 games..Referee story..True or not true??

Guys, our next two matches will have a change of venue from our home ground. For 29/7 it will be a night match (kick off time 8:30pm) at UKM Stadium vs the UKM Staff team follow by 5/8 at LLM vs LLM Staff. Please ensure that you do not turn up at the wrong place or the wrong time.

In the mean time, the new pitch at Taman Danau Desa saw its first match being hosted there on last Saturday. The game pitted host IFC against Weds FC. A casual talk with the new DBKL staff manning it said it cost about RM2 Million to build. Not sure if this is true though. It was a decent pitch (considering it is rather new, but am not sure whether it will continue to remain so after a while. You know what i mean.) The only grouses was certain patches of the pitch was not even enough and there were also a few holes (meant for the drainage system) which could endanger the precious foot of these bunch of aging footballers.

It was a sunny day and both teams were up and ready to kick off only to find that the Men in Black were no where to be seen. Alas, our MIB friends only managed to reach around 5:45pm. Not too badlah considering how some refs will failed to turn up at all (despite us giving cash money!, no hutang-hutang one). This remind me of my old KL FA league playing days when many a time, when both teams turned up there could be the possibility of matches being cancelled as no refs turned up at all. Rumours have it then that they were not paid for their services rendered and it was always like that until some lamented that they could only get their dues one season later! Betul kah ni? Some ex-refs even quipped that they would rather "cari makan" doing our social games as the payment is always C.O.D (cash on delivery). Hmm, the market rate for refs in KL area i heard is RM150 now compare to what was not long ago RM120. This price is still true in Bangi area but for downtown KL or even PJ/Shah Alam the inflation of refs wages is 150 lah brother. RM50 for sweating it out for 1.5 hour is good side income. Don't you think so?

Oh, by the way Weds FC ended beating the averagely older IFC side with a score of 6-2. Good workout for both teams. As usual, cold beers all around for IFC guys.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

2 Teams turn out

Yup, 23 players to be exact. A much better turn out then the Man Utd vs Malaysia match. The Oldies team (or rather the regulars) get to play first. Our opponent is all young guns from MPOB (Porim). They came dressed in their Man City blue outfits.
2 halves were decided to be played instead of the regular 3 periods. With anticipation that all players will be substituted after the first half, the oldies gave all they could in this 45 minutes half. Gaga Sia teased that this team is made up of diesel engine compare to their teams of petrol engine..

Nothing much to say about the match except that we missed two penalties, one by Swee D and one by Sifu. In the end, due to the tireless run by the oldies, our young opponent were a lethargic lots in the 2nd half. Our second team easily dominated play and countless clear cut chances were missed. Zac and Sifu combined to missed over 15 clear shots. Zul was ever enthusiastic to try very hard after he was offered RM10 for each goal scored by Bullet. However, Zul disappointed Bullet in the end. Bullet also brought along a new pal known as Liu the Hairstylist to play. His game is not bad at all eventhough he claimed to stop playing for over 15 years. At least like what John said, we can now have free haircuts from him. John was his usual crazy running self but was also easily losing possessions. Big Loong have to really tell him to be composed and try not to lose every balls that was given to him.

Cikgu was also told to lose another 5 kilos in order to play well. If not his nightly dinner with the PRC gals will not help his belly downsizing. Dato Leks were also being counted on the number of twists and turns he did while holding the ball. Bets were being thrown to see who guess it right.

In the end, a goal a piece from Sifu and Dato made it a two nil victory for the oldies here. Next week could be a night game with UKM staff at UKM stadium Bangi. Not UPM ya. To be confirmed.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Weds 2-4 FAM

The game was played at MSN pitch with 16 players from our side comprising Waynaldo, Bullet, Loong, Fai Chai, Cikgu, Pao, Kenny, Swee D, Zul, Robin, Batman, Wai Chai, Kent, Sifu, Yeo and Loh.

Opponent was a host of ex-internatioanls like Rajagopal, Khalid Shahdan, S Somasundram, Ismail Ibrahim, Azmin Asram, Ong Kim Swee, Tan Cheng Hoe and the likes. 3 period of 30 minutes format was played and the first period started brightly for us with several menacing attacks failed to turn in to goals. Kim Tu and Swee D were creating many chances up front. Given enough time surely a goal would come. And this happened when Kim Tu was able to break free from tight marking to feed a one on one for Swee D, who coolly rounded off the charging keeper to score. 1-0.

Second period saw our dominance gradually reduced with both teams having a go at each other. However our chances were more as compare to theirs as Waynaldo has a shot parried away by the keeper while Sifu Kim had another one on one hit wide off target. A dipping shot by Yeo swee hock saw Azmin Asram having to dig out all his resources to do a flying save. Second goal finally came when Kim Tu again broke free on the left and cut in with a cross to Kenny for him to tap it in. 2-0. FAM, undaunted, came back to steal one back when Zul (who was forced to play as right back) failed to clear a cross and their fat player had the easiest task of beating keeper Zahari. 2-1 it ended.

3rd period resume with Sifu, Batman, Waynaldo and bullet sitting out. FAM this time totally dominated play and it was not long that they scored the equalizer off some need passes on the right flank. Sensing that Ah Loh was not as fast as them, they easily bypass him to release a powerful shot to beat Zahari. 2-2. Not long after, a free kick was awarded when Cikgu was judged fouled for tugging Boskic's the national team physio's shirt. Zahari failed to catch the resulting direct kick cleanly and when it was vomited from his body, FAM players just follow up to score their 3rd goal. My mind was screaming: "Where is the marking????". Obviously, as we get more impatient and charging upfront looking for that elusive equalizer, FAM players were well prepared to trap us. Their simple spraying around of the balls just made our players chasing shadows and grew frustrated. Another quick counter attack saw Zul (who is now being called to play as left back) pulling down Boskics. Penalty awarded and it became 2-4.

Post match analysis: We grew complacent in the second half while leading 2-0. Definitely both Loh and Zul were being played out of their normal position. Our left and right backs were clearly leaking. Other than that, we can match this FAM team from head to toe. If we ever have the second chance to play them, we know what to do. Show respect but go in without FEAR is the way. Play our normal game will do.

Next week tentatively back to Bank Pertanian. Yeo is trying to arrange a match at MPSJ with the MPSJ staff. Night game maybe?? To be advised.

Friday, July 10, 2009

IFC Ruby Nine

The inaugural Over 40s 9-a-side tourney was held on Saturday July 4th. The Independence Day of USA. 9 teams were invited by host IFC (International Football Club).

Two groups of five were divided into A and B with the top two teams from each group proceed to semi-finals. The rest will play in classification matches. Weds FC were grouped with Cabin Crew, Sagga, Maxis and Club Aman.

Here is the results:

Weds 1-0 Cabin Crew, Weds 1-0 Maxis, Weds 0-0 Club Aman, Weds 2-0 Sagga.

Semi Finals: Weds 0-0 RSC. Penalty kicks won 5-4. Keeper Ong was hero of the team by saving two kicks. Our scorers: Lee Joo, Robin Chan, Waynaldo and Swee D. Jeffrey Yap tak masuk.

Finals: Weds vs IFC. We were down 1-0 when ex-National Khan Hung Meng managed to break free from tight marking by Malau on the left flank. He burst through and sent in cross which was failed to clear by our defense line marshalled by Cikgu. Rajinder duely scored. By the way Cikgu, you need to lose a few pounds man! Too much food with the China dolls will not help to reduce your weight lah..

Swee D was taken off and replaced by Waynaldo upfront. His constant running off the ball seemed to distract the opponent and so much so that we scored one back courtesy of keeper Mark Toh of IFC. His mishandling of the rebounce let Big Loong the easiest task of nodding it in. Sensing that IFC is getting tire, we put in more men upfront to attack. Cikgu was pulled out and Swee D was recalled to assist in attack. The move paid off. Lee Joo with some clever on two play with Robin let fly a 30 yards screamer to score our winner. Champions.

Weds 6-1 AADK

Since the high scoring match last week against Maritim, we came expecting yet another high scoring act but this time just by us. Having came back from a successful 7-a-side tournament on Saturday, the guys were busy talking about it.

As usual the waiting game continue while we warm up by playing touch ball. Zul was loaned to AADK. The Anti Drug Agency team was in yellow and we revert to our pure White outfit. Game started with Kenny misses 2 clear goals. We dominated play as AADK seemed was very rusty in their play. First goal came after 15 minutes when Waynaldo was sent through by Lee Joo. His one on one shot was blocked and Kenny followed up with a simple tap in. 1-0. Well, as the match progressed on Sifu Kim Tu put on the scoring act and two quick goals saw our lead increase to three. Zul pulled one back for AADK before it ended. 2nd period resume with much the same story and we added two more goals before the break. By this time the game was well gone. Keeper Ong chose to rest and past his glove to Bullet Lee. Bullet challenged Zul to score another goal and get a ten ringgit reward if he did. Zul tak ada rezeki. Final score 6-1 when Waynaldo curled in a beautiful shot to the top right angle to finish it off.

Next week, Night game at MSN. Our opponent is the FAM coaching staff.