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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Borneo 7s (part 2)

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Wednesday FC bag maximum points

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Kota Kinabalu: The round robin stage of the Borneo 7s Football Cup championship ended yesterday with Wednesday FC, Brunei Veterans and MX10 all topping their respective groups.

Wednesday, from Kuala Lumpur, collected 12 points after winning all its matches. They defeated Penjara Veterans 2-0 in the day's opening match, before winning their second fixture 4-2 against V'Star.

They also collected points in their scheduled match against SESB (who did not turn up for the tournament yesterday) before later defeating La Sallites 2-0 in their final Group A match.

Group B leaders, Brunei Veterans garnered 9 points from three victories out of four matches played.

They collected their first three points without having to step into the field as their scheduled opponents, Rontogtino FC Veterans forfeited the match for arriving late from Kota Belud.

The other six points were picked-up from their matches against JKR Veteran and KK Pro's which they registered clean sheets and scored two goals against both teams.

A 2-1 defeat against Likas United prevented them from collecting full points.

Meanwhile, last year's runner-up, MX10 gained entry to the top of Group C when they collected full points after winning 2-0 against Petronas Veterans, 1-0 against Brunei Masters and 2-1 against Telta Old Guards.

The competition continues today with the Silver and Gold play-offs where the Silver Final is scheduled at 2pm and the Gold Final at 2.40pm.

There will be a prize presentation ceremony at 3pm.

The Borneo 7s tournament is one of several Borneo Cup championships that were previously organised by Borneo Sports and Adventure Holidays Sdn Bhd.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Borneo 7s - part 1

It is off to Land Below the Wind ,Sabah for the 12 guys from Wednesday FC today!

The notable list of players include Waynaldo, Bullet Lee, Big Loong, Boss Jason, John Ng, Gaga Sia, Sai D Kenny, Deno Bao, Dato Leks, Rawang Ong, Gary Ng and guest players Choong of TSV. John is going as our entertainment officer while ah Kiat will serve as our reserve keeper cum physiotherapist.

It will be a two day events seeing 14 teams competiting for the 2nd Borneo Veteran 7s. All matches will be held at the beautiful Likas Stadium.

More reports to come...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Famous World Cup Upsets

This is the few famous upsets that i can recall when i was just a school boy in the 80s...Algeria beating Germany (European champion then) but despite that all Germany had to do was to play a simple draw with cousin coutry Austria in their last group match (so that both can qualify to the second round) and forced out Algeria. They both did and poor Algeria have to tapau and go home.
Well, who knows if Algeria do beat Egypt today and qualify for South Africa, they may be grouped together with Germany again??

Oman Beyik..remember how high this guy can jump and score from a header? A famous 1-0 victory against defending Champion Argentina at the opening match of world cup Italia 1990.

Papa Diop, the big guy playing in EPL now scoring the famous 1-0 victory against defending champion France in 2002.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

An angry coach and a rough player

Ha ha. Don't understand a single word of what the coach said, but it is surely funny.

This girl is rough, that is all i can say....

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Men In Black

MIB FC is the refereees team from Sg Besi army camp. Most of them are officiating matches of the SSL. Among them are Rosdi, Winson the Sarawakian. Mind you, these guys are actually playing good football, it is just that they are concentrating on doing their role as judge on the pitch now.
True to their names, MIB was wearing black jerseys while we were using our favourite yellow. ibcbet.com surely made a wise investment when they sponsored us this yellow set 2 years ago.
Our game saw a healthy turn out this time thanks to the nice weather. About 16 fellas turn up in anticipating of a fun and healthy work out. Indeed it turned out that way. The script for the game ran smoothly for Weds FC and we pumped in threes goals in first two period to win 3-1.
After the game, the focus was on getting each guy a new warm up t-shirt courtesey of Jason's company Pride Express (www.prideexpress.com) a company dealing with money remittance. For those who have not get it, it will be kept by Jason. You can get it from him.
Next week game will be a night game at Pancanora Stadium Putrajaya kick off time 8:30pm. There will be a week break as many of the Weds FC guys are playing for Malaysia Chinese Veteran in the Handover cup of Macau.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Bryan Leong - Youngest World Kick Boxing Champ

Our kid is the champ! Shouted Leks and Nancy Leong. This little big man competed in Spain for the World Kick Boxing Championship (for under 12 category) representing M'sia. Bravo Bryan Leong!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Johan Cruyff

For those of you who don't know much about him, here is a video of this Holland Master.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Menang Tiga Satu

Ya, team kami mencapai kemenangan dengan mudah apabila bermain dengan cuma 12 orang. Hujan yang turun sejak lewat petang jelas menjejaskan kehadiran pemain-pemain. Itu pun mungkin kerana ramai yang dah mula bosan dengan terlalu banyak game.
Entah, harap-harap ini cuma fikiran kosong sahaja.

Seperti biasa, pasukan lawan dari "Air-con serivice unit UPM" tidak kelihatan sehingga hampir pukul enam, dan otai-otai Weds FC dah cukup panas warm-up dengan shooting practice mereka. Game bermain 2 half aja disebabkan kekurangan masa, apalah dengan penghujung tahun, memeang langit akan menjadi gelap dengan cepat.

Skrip perlawanan bermula dengan kedua-dua pasukan cuba menguji kehebatan masing-masing dan biasalah kita nampak dua-dua belah pun nampak fit dan laju. Dengan semangat yang tinggi dan jitu, pasukan Otai Wed FC meluru kedepan dalam serangan-serangan yg berpusu-pusu serperti ombak laut. Kebuntulan barisan serangan agak menghampakan tambah dengan saudara Kenny yang selalu tertangkap dengan trap offside lagi menyebabkan member-member "taruh sama dia". Ah, dah tua lah ni, sehingga saya tak ingat siapa dan bagaimana kita dapat membolosi gol mereka. Tak apalah, itu tak penting ma..

Game menyambung balik dengan kami masih berusaha untuk mencari gol kedua tetapi ini masih tidak berhasil. Gandingan Sifu Kim Tu dan Eric nampak bahaya tetapi cuma gol saja yang bertandusan. Apa nak buat, mungkin rezeki tak ada lah ni..Moral pasukan nampak turun mendadak apabila pasukan lawan dapat menyumbat gol hasil daripada jaringan kapten pasukan mereka yang dapat mengglecik saudara Kenny dan merembat masuk gol.

Namun demikian, seperti naga yang terbangun, maka teruslah team otai kami meningkatkan usaha untuk menjaring gol kemenangan. Bullet menjadi akitek gol kedua kami dengan penghantaran yang begitu tepak dari 70 ela kepada pemain termuda ah Chuen, yang mana beliau memotong kesemua pemain lawan dan menolak gol kedalam gawang yang kosong. Gol yang ketiga gua tak ingat siapa score liao.

Majulah Bolasepak Otai Wed FC.

Otai = old timer

Monday, November 2, 2009

vs BSN

Upcoming matches for Wed FC will be : 4/11 against a team that is servicing air-cons for UPM. So we shall call them AC UPM. While on 11/11 it will be once against the MIB FC from Camp Sg Besi. Both matches are at Bank Pertanian (currently call Agro Bank- somehow i still prefer BP).

For last Wed match against BSN at BSN stadium, the turn out was surprisingly low with barely 11 guys at kick off time. Big Loong were expecting a huge turn out and probably it was some how affected by the heavy rain. None of the Klang boys were insight. In the end, we have 14 players to play. The game started with BSN trying very hard to penetrate our defence but were restricted to limited chances only. While on the other hand, we were relying on sporadic attacks led by Swee D upfront alone. The two-half game seemed destined to end in goalless score when again keeper Ong fumbled on his catches and let out an easy tap in for BSN striker to score.

Second half resumed with us trying to step up one gear and went for the attacking mode. Our chances were there but it was let down by poor finishing. Against the run of play, BSN score the second goal and that was how it ended.