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Friday, December 31, 2010

As a prelude to the AFF-Suzuki Final, our guys all 22 of them came to receive their brand new Red KL Wed jersey in style. The unveiling of our new jersey came coincidentally with a friendly match against a group of Indonesians. They are students in UKM. We were kept waiting for them as most of them were having classes till 5pm and could only made in after that from the campus..

Guys were buys having a small kick-about just to fill time and around 550pm came the students in their bikes. Around 16 of them turned up and without wasting time they quickly "pasang kasut" and trooped onto the field to get ready. We picked our line-up based on who came first and 11 early birds got to start for the 1st period. Swee D, Bullet, Kenny, LLJ, Sia, Ong, Yeo, Soh, J Lee, CW Loh, Alan L.

Well, i would say the guys were somewhat uncomfortable to dress in red and our played was really nothing to shout about..to many times we hang on to the ball for too long and opponent who were much faster have ample time to close down any space. If we could play simple one two touches, and spread the ball early it will be a much opened game. We were quickly down 0-2 in the first period and heads were low as if we have lost the match. Came second period and with introduction of 9 new players there wasn't much improvement of the play either. We went further behind 0-3 after the 2nd period.
Then, in the 3rd, finally we managed to find our rhythm and this time we saw how players were running to create space for each other and quick passes were exchanged between our players. This certainly have kept the Indonesians at bay and from all the raids down the flank, we scored all three goals to level the score. LLJ achieve a hat-trick. He could have added a fourth only for his powerful header went inches wide.
Post match comment from Swee D and Big Loong - play the ball up fast and don't hold on to the ball too much as this will allow your opponent to close down any space. Possession football is necessary in case your opponent is faster and dominating play. Pass the ball faster when u see your friend has space.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sg Ujong FC 1-6 KL Wednesday FC

This is a verbal report from our Cikgu while drinking kopi at Nyonya Kopitiam...

Game on Sunday 26th Dec at King George V ground Seremban. Our team were invited by Sg Ujong veteran fc for a friendly match and (as it was a long weekend, many guys were having prior arrangements already and can't make it) after much frenzy in searching for available veteran players, 13 made it to the trip. Not all were old "cock" though, we did have some young cocks in their 30s as well..namely keeper Fatty Chong , Luan luan jao John (LLJ) , Bao, Carlos (like Sia, come but did not turun padang), Gaga Sia (who said he is still 39 mah,,only a few days later baru 40), dato dribble Leks and fat boy Alan. The rest of the guys were Cikgu, Stanley, big loong, bullet, durian, misai choi, swee d and loh pet.

Here is the report. We started brightly and were dominating the initial proceedings. Our lethal striker, Stanley proved that he was still valuable to the team by opening the scoring with a thunderous shot. The net was almost broken due to the sheer power of his shot. He was celebrating wildly by taking off his jersey (and therefore received a card for the overboarded celebration). Cikgu couldn't remember who scored the 2nd goal for us, but after much thinking ,,,it was non other than Stanley who scored the 2nd. What a game Stanley had..bravo! Would he be able to score a hat trick? read on...

1st half ended with us leading 2-1. Leks Leong -Dato dribble of Wed fc , scored with a trademark of single handedly doing a Messi (messy) like performance, dribbling past 4 defenders and scored our third. Next came our other twin striker, the famous Alan fat Shearer of KL Weds fc. Alan L (yes, this will be the name printed on his brand new KL Wed jc) brought the ball all the way to the sideline and made a cut back..from there, he released a beautiful curve shot to beat the helpless goalie (who just stand there admiring how beautifully the ball flew in). ..

Subsequently, Cikgu when to take his shower knowing we have won the match with another 20 minutes to go..And when he came off the shower room..the scoreline has become 6-1. Rumours was, dato dribble and Alan L score one apiece. Well done guys.

Our boys were treated for a sumptuous dinner and karaoke session at the Royal Sungai Ujong club right after the match ended. It ended at midnight and we headed home then.

Lastly, we would like to express our gratitude for the hospitality and friendship shown by members of Royal Sg Ujong fc and hope to play them again in the near future.

Friday, December 24, 2010

The Biggest Defeat By MIB

Thanks to Micheal and we have a report on what went wrong in this match vs MIB.

Here you go..

- 18 players turned up. The players I know are - Ong, Bullet, Ah Piu, Soon, Kenny, David, both Twins, Big Loong, Bao, Loh Pet, Sia Gaga, Alan, Siam Kia, Stanley.
- The heavy rain stopped just b4 the game was supposed to start. The pitch was wet but playable. The game started at 5.40pm. It drizzled lightly for almost the whole match.
- The match was a tale of chances missed and chances taken. Both sides had almost equal no of chances but MIB took theirs well while we fluffed ours including 3 open goals and 2 one-on-ones.
- MIB started by scoring 2 early goals. The 1st was via a through ball which their right wing beat our left back to the ball and advanced towards Ong from the left angle. He shot but Ong saved and then managed to get up to push the loose ball away before any follow-up by the opponent. However, the ball didn't go far and their player got it, laid it up for another of their player to strike home. The 2nd goal, a hopeful 20yd low but hard shot to the bottom left corner, could and should have been saved by Ong if he had not assumed that it was going out (and i add here- so typical of the Ong as we know). Ong was surprised himself that it went in instead of out by the post. We hit back with a goal with a shot inside the 18yd box - can't see who scored bcos was at the opposite end.
- The 2nd period started with MIB leading 2-1. The 7 reserves went in, including Ah Piu, Big Loong and both Twins, determined to do well. However, within 5 minutes of the restart, MIB scored their 3rd goal from their 1st chance of the period. 2 more quick goals went in within 10 min from well taken chances. 5-1 to MIB.
- The 3rd period started with our best players taking to the field, determined to make amends. We had better possession of the ball and with that created numerous chances which went wasted. It was not meant to be our day.
- Our guys really have to improve on their composure and finishing when presented with goal scoring opportunities.
That's all.....

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Resurgence of Malaysia Football II...

Thanks to our reader Michael with his comments in the my earlier piece..i am here attached one of the few links and it is linked to a BBC sport article on how Spain took 15 over years of hard work and persistency to become who they are today..read here

This is what saudara Michael said and i quote "As for Msia to qualify for the World Cup, after reading these articles and seeing our state of Msian football, we need:
- to have the full support of the Govt - it must come from the top.
- all involved in football to plan n develop our own Msian style of football.
- to spend at least RM500mil on (i) having at least 15,000-20,000 coaches (A, B or C licences) trained in the right way, (ii) grassroots and youth development, (iii) regular local, regional and international tournaments for all age groups, etc
- to wait 20-25 years for qualification bcos only the current batch of 5-10 yo kids can be properly trained and do it. The current players from 12 to 25yo are not good enough and it is too late for them as the current coaches are not good enough yet.

Monday, December 20, 2010

The resurgence of Malaysia football?

Having watched how the Harimau of Malaysia played in the AFF-Suzuki cup, it sort of made me wanted to write a short piece on the future of our nation's football hope. I like what i saw in this team here. Being a young side, the discipline instilled by Rajagopal was clearly seen. Their defence against the Vietnamese at Hanoi was good. From what i recalled, Malaysisn players do not like to go in hard for a challenge. What i saw the other night was refreshing, players willing in to go in for sliding tackles, which many Malaysian players nowadays do not have such technique (or they sayang their legs?). This sort of defending is important to breakdown the attacking move of your opponent, it kind of display to your oppponent the no-nonsence approach of you. No strikers would like to be treated it this way. This will be crusial when we meet the Indonesian in the finals again.
I personally believe the mark of our country's rise to greatness in football will have to start with one step at a time. If we can win this cup, that will mark a small step of achievement because ASEAN region is the first step out to go before we set our mind to be a powerhouse in Asia, then the world. We need to remember the last time we won a Senior tournament was the 1989 SEA games. Winning the SEA game gold medal recently(which is for under 23 ) is nothing to shout about. Show me that you can beat teams in South East Asia, followed by strong side like Iran, Japan, South Korea..then we will be recognized as a strong team.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Where are the Chinese footballer now

This is an article which i picked up 3 years ago on the internet..it was talking about the lack of Malaysian Chinese in the national squad and how it wasn't the case before then. The article was written in Chinese and how through the interview with Mr. Goh Ah Chai (he was the ex KLFA Secretary General), Mr Goh recalled and recounted the vast number of ethnic Chinese players that contributed to the past glory of the Malasysian team.

Current national squad do not have a single face of ethnic Chinese players (except one- the assistant coach, my friend Mr. Tan Cheng Hoe who was ex Kedah and National as well). We all can say whatever reason that lead to the current situation. In my humble personal opinion, social, political, economic and cultural factors have a big part to do with this scenario. Being a very pragmatic race, the Chinese will strive to make a living first before all else and hence sports has to give way when faced with such a choice. It is not that Chinese do not like football, i can tell you that. They are crazy just like others when it comes to football.

We can ask ourself how many of us with kids will want or foresee our kids make a living through the uncertain (at least that is how many view it now) road of professional football. Given a choice, it is easily the pursue of academic excellence that matter rather than sport. I myself will be one of the huge of Chinese parents who shared this feeling. Play for good health? Yes. For a career? No way..At least not now.

Sports culture in Malaysia is not strong here. Many see it purely as a way for recreation and unless the ways are done in the current structure of sports adminstration received massive revamp, it will stuck at this level for a very long time.

Follows are the article in Chinese, if u don't understand, never mind..get a translator lah..haha

历史上的马来西亚华人国脚 (updated version)
2007-04-29 01:09
当年曾顶一片天 今日屈指犹可数







为了让后生小子认识多一点昔日华人名将,本报找来了大马华人足球权威吴永昌(Goh Ah Chai)为大家介绍。































仇志强 (Chow Chee Keong)

林芳基 (Lim Fung Kee)


黄金富 (Wong Kam Fook)

王耀添 (Ong Yu Tiam)

林泉进 (Lim Chuan Chin)

杨伟康 (Yong Wai Hong)

张金文 (Nazreen Chong)








苏进安 (Soh Chin Aun)

黄九富 (Wong Kow Foo)

苏祖连(Soh Choh Len)

周少伟 (Chow Siew Yai)

徐金成 (See Kim Seng)

邓秀成 (Tang Siew Seng)

王康能 (Wong Hung Nang)

陈清和(Tan Cheng Hoe)


周贵林 (Chow Kwai Lam)

何永宁 (Taukeh)

李亚九 (Lee Ah Kou)



王春华 (Wong Choon Wah)



叶志强 (Yip Chee Keong)

郭金远 (Kuet Kin Heong)

李健洪 (Lee Kin Hong)

曾吉瑞 (Chan Keat Swee)

林长金 (Lim Teong Kim)

叶伟伦 (Yap Wai Loon)

王金水(Ong Kim Swee)

杨瑞福(Yeo Swee Hock)


许锡麟 (Azrai Khor Seak Ling)



林金连 (Lim Kim Lian)

黄才富 (James Wong)

雷隆德 (Looi Long Teik)

江汉明 (Kang Hung Meng)

曾维和 (Chen Wei How)

何汉祥 (Ho Hon Seong)

张景刚(Chong King Kong)

刘金杜(Liew Kim Tu)


1.朱允豪 (Chee Wan Hoe)

2.陈国兴 (Chan Kok Heng)

3.黄河源 (Ooi Hoe Guan)

4.黄家伦 (Aiman Wong Kah Loon)

5.梅国雄 (Moey Kok Hong)

6.陈永雄 (Chan Wing Hong)

7.周志荣 (Chow Chee Weng)

8.林灿耀 (Lim Chan Yew)

9.王世光 (Wong Sai Kong)

10.廖吉光(华印混血儿)Liew Kit Kong

11.梁宏成 (Leong Hong Seng)

Fast and Furious vs Easy steady.

As a result of the heavy downpour last week, today's match was a rematch. Semboyan fc is very young team and when you have youth on your side, naturally fitness and speed is your biggest asset. Add a touch of skill with it and you will have a decent squad. That is the observation of yours trully.

It was a sunny afternoon in Bangi. By the time i arrived, i have seen our guys ready and eager to take on the young boys. Our previous record with them was a 1-1 draw and and 0-4 loss. This team will ply their trade in the Selangor FA Super league division for next year having gained promotion this year. With a full squad turn out of 24, i knew they meant business. Seeing the way they did their pre-game warm up, i can tell they are a well drilled and discipline team. As for the guys of KL Wed, as usual, we treasured the social interaction more than winning the match. A totally different approach to the game.

Game started at 5:35 and within 10 minutes of play Semboyan scored. Stand in keeper Cikgu was still honeymooning when the goal went in off a header. The second goal was a blunder from Bullet having failed to clear the ball followed by Cikgu who kicked air. 0-2. Another mistake, 3rd goal came. 1st period, 3 ball.
Not much to say for the second and third period as we were totally dominated by the boys. New guy ah Chun replaced Cikgu as keeper for the 2nd and 3rd. He produced a fine safe tipping a clear goal. Other than that, no complain. We resorted to passing the ball within our own half and tried to frustrate them by holding possession. That was the suggestion from Batman and Swee D, because as commen sense tell us: what for we tried to attack and always lost possesion. better keep possession and reduced the damage, hoping for counter attack to score. Eventhough we tried this, still the goal came.

Semboyan scored two more to finish us 5-0.

Next week is MIB FC. Agro Bank 5pm. Hope you enjoy this game more rather than chasing shadows only..Haha..

Players attendence:
1. Wayne (commentator)
2. batman 3. bullet 4. kenny 5. swee d 6. cikgu 7. Loh pet 8. Bao 9. John 10. Sia 11. Stanley 12. Xiam 13. durian 14. ah Soh 15. Soon 16. Najib Ang 17. Yeo 18. ah Jun. 19. jason (did not play).

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Japan FC 3 - 0 KL Wed FC

The match was held when two third of KL Wednesday's regular players were either on holidays or having prior comittment for other matches.

We were really short of players for this game and after last ditch scramble for players we were forced to get help from non KL Wednesday fc players. In total out of the 13 who played..7 were guest players. We were so short of players that Luan luan Jao John was asked to stand in as goal mender as guest keeper Fat Eric Chong was stil caught in traffic jam near South City plaza. It was a non-cohesive gathering of players and not much teamwork were expected out of this match. True to the prediction, the entire match was literally a show of individuality rather than teamwork.
Although the match progressed not to our expectation, credit must also be given to our young opponent for their well organized play. It was their smart play of absorbing our rounds of attacks and relying on counter attack that worked well for them. They dully scored the opening goal after our rag tag defensive team were caught napping. Undaunted, we went into the 2nd period with fresh vigour and hope to pull one back. It was the other way round when again, in one of their counter attack, the local Chinese boys score again. By now, we can see the confidence level was growing in these young guys. Their play was getting the better of us and started to gain control of the midfield area. Our guys certainly looked out of sort and did not know what to do.
Third period resumed with the hope of narrowing the scoreline. However, again, the lack of creativity in midfield and dash upfront failed us. Another error in our defense,another goal. It was 0-3 in the end.

Monday, December 13, 2010

New Team Jersey

We are in the process of getting new jersey for the members. Guys who have attended matches regularly have been invited to submit their preferred size, number as well as preferred name. The response has been very well.

We have order 32 jerseys (which include 2 for keepers). It will be priced at RM60 each and for a start, we will keep these for the players and they will only need to pick it up during game time. For those who wanted to have one of this, they will have to let us know fast. You can choose not to put your name on the jersey but we will ultimately lend it to someone on the day in case it was a guest player. Of course, we will keep some spare ones.

As for our regular Wednesday matches, the attendence has been quite steady. Most of the time an average of 15 players would turn up. Not bad considering that it is a 5pm game on weekdays!

For this week game, we will have Semboyan FC as opponent, watch out for this bunch of soldier boys. Fast and Fit is their game. See you all at Agro Bank.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

SSLKL new season

The Kuala Lumpur Social Soccer league will kick off on Oct 9/10 weekend. 10 mathces will be played over two divisions. With the pulling out of the expats teams, the league has been revamped back to the old two division format and some changes were being discussed and boldly implemented.

Among the changes are:

1) play time to be 3 period of 30 minutes each.
2) A yellow card during a match will mean immediated suspension of the offender for 5 minutes. At this point, he can't be substituted with another player from his team (meaning his team will play with one player less)
3) Players collecting 2 yellow in a match will receive 2 match suspension.
4) players getting a straight red will mean 4 match suspension
5) those involve in a fight will be banned for a season.

Hope this will keep all informed.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

RSC International 7s

KL Wednesday FC will be represented in the Master Category (over 40s) of this year's edition. For the first time, what used to be known as FT Chinese will see a name change to reflect on the real side's name. 10 players in their 40s will play in this 2-day tourney seeing 16 teams in the over 40s age group and another 12 in the Grand Master category (over 50s). My God, will i be able to play in my 50s..i wonder.

This kind of tournament is more for friendship added with a slight dose of competiveness. After all, winning is not everything. Take a deep look..how many of us in our 40s are still fit and able to do the skill and speed when we were all having thick and black hair? Lets appreciate this great opportunity to once again meet up with fellow football lovers from different part of the world.

To me, this is the best part of the game..play with joy. Until then, good luck to all participants.

p/s it will the first time that Waynaldo gets to play in the RSC tourney having misses out for the last 2 occasions.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Registering the club

Works are on hand now to officially register our club as KL Wednesday Football Club with the Registrar of Society. I was told that the process could take a minimum of 3 months after all paper worka are done and submitted to the authority.

With this, we will see a new implementation of membership fees and annual dues. The funds collected will be utilized to the benefits of the club members. As of now, we are a group of informal collection of individuals coming together with the same passion for football.

The dawn of a new era is awaiting us guys.

As for footbal matches, we have so far lined up 3 matches. 1) on 28th, vs Ikram Rovers (KL Div 1 outfit) 2) HELP on 1st Wed of May 3) against a team of Africans on 2nd Wed of May.

We have long not seen certain members of the team such as Alonso Joachim, The Chest Irwin, Lingam ah Long, Haristylist Vinxx and Barcode Zac for quite some time.. Time for them to resurface maybe??

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sungai Siput 9 a side

We came to know about this veteran tournament since last year but couldn't make it due to timing. However, this year we decided to try it out. It is a 2-day tourney seeing 24 teams from the country participated. Mind you, 11 are from Kelantan.
The manager for this team is Big Loong while Stanley was elected as the team coach. With nearly 100 years between them, believe me, it is certainly a lot of football experience that we are talking about. The contingent of 14 players, 3 officers and 1 supporter departed in a convoy of 3 vehicles and reaching Ipoh for teh tarik and bear at 12am Saturday.
The squad this time are: Rawang Ong, Waynaldo, Bullet, Wai Chai, Swee D, Boss, Gary, Cikgu, Misai choi, Najib Ang, Jeffrey Yap, Chan Kok Heng and ah Keong. Pai Kuat
chuen is our kit man/physio/water boy.
First day of tournament we went there at 9am and getting all prepared to play only told that our fist game is at 2:30pm. Alamak, what to do? We decided to drive back to Ipoh for white coffee at Kok Heng's sister's shop. After another meal, we went back to Sg Siput ready to play our fist game. Not long after warming up and was about to play, we were told that we received a walkover and qualified to the knock out round. The remaining game with Laila FC from Kelantan was just a formality as both have qualified. What the f#$*? We played loh..Win lost also no meaning one mah. The game was played under extremely hot weather and both were lucky to survive. We won the match via penalty kick to decide the group winner. Rawang Ong was our hero. Should we call his ADA ONG?
The night at Ipoh was well spent on getting us all relax with food and foot massage. Pak Kuat Chun was having a great night! Watching EPL matches at the pub with your buddies was even greater! We called it a night after downing several basket of German Pauliner beers.
The next day was knock out round, and our first hurdle was against Port Tamilans of Selangor.The match produced many chances for KL Weds but we just failed to finished them off. It turn the tide against us when Gary was deemed to have foul their player inside the D. We protested vehemently to no avail. They scored. We showed great fighting spirit and team work to equalized the game with a well place header by ah Keong courtesy of a great pass from Najib Ang. It ended 1-1 and in the ensuing penalty kicks all our kickers scored it went to sudden death penalty. Kok Heng and Ah Keong scored as well. ADA Ong save their 7th kick and it was left to Waynaldo to do the job. Scored he did. We won and proceed to Quarter final against rivals from KL.
Quarter final match was against the team that beat us in the IFC finals. This team have many ex-national players with them, Jayakanthan, Reman Ragunathan, Somasundram, manuel George etc. It was a match that saw us taking great revenge by really outplaying them. The only thing was we couldn't score. It went into penalty kicks again. This time we managed to win it 3-2.
All good things must come to an end and this is our story in the semi finals. We played well again. But this is not enough as our opponent scored with a fine header to knock us out. Playing 3/4 placing match became meaningless & we chose to take penalty kicks to decide the winner (prize money equally divided between the two teams). We lost and finished 4th. No big deal. We were happy to finish in the top 4.

In summary, all of us deserved a pat for giving their best. 1)Bullet Lee must be named as our no.1 penalty kickers. I have not seen him missed one kick from the MPKJ, IFC, Penang Intl 7s tourney. In future, he must take part in all penalty kick. Others will have to wait.2)Rawang Ong should be called ONG MALI. 2)Boss erased his KK nightmare by scoring in the penalty against JPS. 3)Gary proved to be another super fit player like Misai Choi. 4) Wai chai will need to adapt to playing at 9 a side. Give him chance and he shall play better.5)Stanley should be made as our team coach. The team will be match better with him plotting the strategy rather than having him play. 6) Pai Kuat Chun must stay as our physio/water boy. And finally, this is what Pai Kuat asked me to write: 7) We could have enter final if ah Bao and Gaga Sia didn't come and watch us play. But Gaga said, If Leiyu play ,we could have lost in the quarter final.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Weds 0-2 Seremban Chinese

Playing under the glaring sun with a temperature of over 37 degree is not joke. What more, it is a game against a very young and capable side from Seremban. The opoonent team , led by Chris Khoo is an experience side with many of them playing for NS in the MCFA cup. An able opponent indeed.

Match started with a cautious approach adopted by the more senior KL Weds FC. The younger lads in the rank were ah Bil, ah Siang and the rest are oldies. The tempo of our game was certainly a slow and easy one. We were relying more on the odd number of chances to launch some quick counter attacks. Otherwise, we were more than happy to absorb the opponents attacks. First period finished with no score.

Changes were made to the squad and again it was still a mix of young and old. We conceded a goal when ah Kow was feeded a nice ball and he only had Ong to beat. Without wasting any time, ah Kow shot with a thunderous kick to open the scoring. 1-0. The Weds team tried to pushed up harder looking for that opportunity to score an equaliser. The best chance came when Jackson was put through by Jef and in a one on one situation, Jackson somehow could not round the keeper to score.

Third period saw the reintroduction of those who were left out. Again, somewhat feeling the heat, we kind of started to melt and it was in one of those moment of hesitation that our usually reliable Cikgu mispass the ball to Eng Kui. Eng Kui quickly took a few steps forward before sending a well weighted cross to their forward Yap to place the ball in. 2-0. Thereafter, it went to a ding dong battle between the 2 side and it finished off as victory to the visitor.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Weds FC 1-1 UPM FC

As usual a very tough encounter is expected whenever we play UPM FC. Being a young team, the posseseed skill, speed, and stamina. Certainly all that is needed to make a quick killing against a bunch of aging footballers.

The turn out for this match was not affected by several of the Weds FC players turning up in Shah Alam for the Shah Alam league. It was a total of 20 players that turn out in full force in our battle with UPM.

The match certainly live up to its bill as both teams managed to ditch out entertaining game. Both sides were trying their best to attack and no goals were scored in the first period. In the second period, we took the lead with a well deserve penalty. One thing to mentioned was guest player from Brazil, Fla. Fla provided the much needed spark with his well-timed passes and scintilating runs to penetrate the opponent lines. He nearly took the lead with a powerful shot some 30 yards out, only seen his effort hitting the bar. His skil was typical of a good Brazillian player.
Kenny and Ah Soon were our casualty of the night, with both needing stiches to their heads in separate incidences. Ah Soon was the more serious injury needing 4 stiches to patch him up at Serdanng Hospital. Fai Chai was heard saying the lucky number to buy will be 1524 or 2415 as that was the jersey worn by these two players.

UPM equalised in the 3rd period and the game finished with a 1-1 score.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

IFC Soccer 9s Runner Up

KL Wednesday FC finished a remarkable runner up spot in the just concluded IFC Soccer 9s held at Club Aman on Saturday. The event was the 2nd edition where we were the inaugural tournament champion. This year, the participating teams added some international flavor with the inclusion of 4 foreign teams, making it a 16-team tourney. The tourney is one for players born before 1970 but allowing two players in the range of 35-39 to take part.
KL Weds were drawn in group D together with Home & Away, Universal and Wen Parker A (New York). We won our matches with a scoring of 1-0, 2-0, and 3-0 respectively. Our quarterfinal opponents was last year finalist, host IFC and we defeated them with a convincing score of 2-1. Waiting in the semi-final was Club Aman which did not give much of a resistance and we qualified with a 2-0 victory.
The true test and a dream final saw the two best teams in the tourney meet up. Uniplast, bosated with a host of ex-nationals like Somasundram, Jayakanthan, Reman Ragunathan, S Sivaram, Zainal Nordin also qualified with east.
The final started off smoothly only somehow affecteddue to the over eagerness of referees, Loo Wai Keong (not again, this was the guy that caused the controversial SSL FA cup semi final between TSV and Sang Chuan abandoned when he call off the match during half time). Nickname "Mastercard" Loo pulled out a yellow card to Misai Choi without hesitation, and Misai needed to sit out for 2 minutes. Batman also received his luck when he too was flashed a yellow for what seemed to be a fair challenge to the opponent. It was somehow in this situation that we lost a bit of concentration and they squeezed in a lucky shot.
Undaunted, we fight with them tooth and nail but luck was certainly not with us this time. As time progressed, the guys in green mananged to hold on for a 1-0 victory. Eventhough we lost, credit must be given to all the players for giving their best.
Weldone KL Wednesday!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Thrashing..

Facing up with the last minute change of venue, led to our downfall..What an excuse i said. But we were truly down and out having to fight with the much fitter and skillful young Africaners of INTI College.

The match was played in fast tempo with the old guns struggling to keep pace. Undaunted, several dangerous raids by us nearly saw us taking the early lead. It turned out that when you don't score, you get slaughered.

A much unwanted 0-5 loss was the order of the day. We lost to a much better team but kudos to those who played for displaying Wednesday FC trademark of never giving up. Kalah pun ada maruah lagi. Respect from the young opponents was there to be seen when they all shake our hands and congratulated the old horses for giving them a great match.

Next week, we will be back...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Penang International 7s

The Old and not so old "cork" of Wed FC travel to Penang for this tourney for the 5th year. This year have seen a not so satisfying result for both the Veteran and Master teams. Nevertheless, it was still a fun filled trip. Both teams qualified easily to the second round, it was the second round that the real tests were waiting for us.

For the veteran category, having drew 1-1 with PSC, we collected maximum points by beating Medan Chinese and Putkin Nasos (Australia).In the second round, we lost all 3 matches namely to eventual Champion Jurong Western Singapore(which has a host of ex-internationals and pros such as with Abbas Saad V Sundramoorthy), Indonesian side Pertamina and RSC. The standard of play for all four teams were no doubt of high quality. No one can say for sure they can easily take on another team. Strong contenders such as PCRC( with Chan Kok Heng, Chee wan Hoe), Soccer Experience Europe (with Bobby Chua, Scott Olerenshaw) and PSC were knocked out in the second round as well.

It was a bitter lost for the Masters team having just needed a draw in their last match vs HK All Stars. Luck was certainly not on their side as they subcumbed to the last kick of the game. Having easily won the group stage with 1 draw and 2 wins, the second stage saw the Master team drew their first match with Taiping CRC and later defeated Soccer Experience Asia. Alas! a semi final spot was not to be when HK All Stars shown us the door. Of course no body was happy with the manner we losing it. Cikgu and Malau was having a "big" quarrel on this matter. Stanley was muted having seen his substitution led to the goal when he came in and somehow disagreed upon by others. A controversy? Aiyo, wise up..just football only lah..Lost mean lost loh..who wants to kalah, everyone also wanted to win mah..In the end, friends are friends, after letting steam off, all went back to normal.

All reasons can be given by whoever who has a piece to say but the important thing is we all learn to accept the results. Remember always, at this age, the main idea for the trip is for friendship and fun, winning or losing becomes secondary as long as you try your best. So in the end it was a very enjoyable trip for the guys.

This week shall see the group of above 40s guys playing in the IFC 9 a side at Club Aman. Hope for a better result this time boys!

Monday, March 1, 2010


Congratulation to all the old kok and young bananas that took part in the just concluded MPKJ 9 a side tournament at UKM. To emerge champion and walk away with the prize money was really a job WELL DONE.

At least we know there are lots of youngster ready to take over when some of the old koks like Bullet Lee, Cikgu, MascheTailow retired.

Once again, WELL DONE.

Now.......Penang.....the old koks are coming....

Friday, January 29, 2010

Weds FC

Our Tuesday game was a very relaxing game at Maybank. Just imagine your score 4 goals in the first period and adding 3 more in the second..the third was just because the guys wanted to "tarik handbrake" 7-1. That is the final score. Nothing to shout, just a night of relaxing football entertainment for the old timers.

Second night was a totally different ball game against the fast UPM boys. We defended stoutl in the first period but still let in 2 goals. First one was a blunder by keeper Fatty Chong while the second one appeared to be a dubious offside call. Nevertheless, thanks to the reinforcement by 5 young guns, our machine in the midfield room look much more versatile and there were more movements.. Ah Soon, Fai chai, ah Chun and ah Bill were adding youthfulness (which we actually needed for this sort of games) and speed for our game.

We lost 2-1 but it was a good game.

Next Wed game against Kilat Veteran is postponed to Feb 10th. We will in turn play against another bunch of college boys at Bank Pertanian on Feb 3rd. See you there.

Monday, January 25, 2010

More game to come..

Thanks to the good effort of our friends, we have lined up a few exciting matches for our brothers..The first match will be Tuesday night at the Mayabank Stadium playing against host Maybank Tigers FC at 8:30pm. Am sure it will be a great turn out as the pitch is in perfect condition.

As for Wednesday, a few invited guest will be there to bolster out team, as we know, UPM is a formidable side and we need a strong side to deal with them. Do not be disheartened if you are not call for duty, as we promise your turn will come..Just play well, and you will be selected.

For the first Wed of Feb, we shall play at Kilat ground at Bangsar, i foresee Irwin will make an effort to turn up lah..We may decide whether to play a game on 10th or not, as it is really near CNY then.

Friday, January 8, 2010