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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Borneo 7s (part 2)

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Wednesday FC bag maximum points

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Kota Kinabalu: The round robin stage of the Borneo 7s Football Cup championship ended yesterday with Wednesday FC, Brunei Veterans and MX10 all topping their respective groups.

Wednesday, from Kuala Lumpur, collected 12 points after winning all its matches. They defeated Penjara Veterans 2-0 in the day's opening match, before winning their second fixture 4-2 against V'Star.

They also collected points in their scheduled match against SESB (who did not turn up for the tournament yesterday) before later defeating La Sallites 2-0 in their final Group A match.

Group B leaders, Brunei Veterans garnered 9 points from three victories out of four matches played.

They collected their first three points without having to step into the field as their scheduled opponents, Rontogtino FC Veterans forfeited the match for arriving late from Kota Belud.

The other six points were picked-up from their matches against JKR Veteran and KK Pro's which they registered clean sheets and scored two goals against both teams.

A 2-1 defeat against Likas United prevented them from collecting full points.

Meanwhile, last year's runner-up, MX10 gained entry to the top of Group C when they collected full points after winning 2-0 against Petronas Veterans, 1-0 against Brunei Masters and 2-1 against Telta Old Guards.

The competition continues today with the Silver and Gold play-offs where the Silver Final is scheduled at 2pm and the Gold Final at 2.40pm.

There will be a prize presentation ceremony at 3pm.

The Borneo 7s tournament is one of several Borneo Cup championships that were previously organised by Borneo Sports and Adventure Holidays Sdn Bhd.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Borneo 7s - part 1

It is off to Land Below the Wind ,Sabah for the 12 guys from Wednesday FC today!

The notable list of players include Waynaldo, Bullet Lee, Big Loong, Boss Jason, John Ng, Gaga Sia, Sai D Kenny, Deno Bao, Dato Leks, Rawang Ong, Gary Ng and guest players Choong of TSV. John is going as our entertainment officer while ah Kiat will serve as our reserve keeper cum physiotherapist.

It will be a two day events seeing 14 teams competiting for the 2nd Borneo Veteran 7s. All matches will be held at the beautiful Likas Stadium.

More reports to come...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Famous World Cup Upsets

This is the few famous upsets that i can recall when i was just a school boy in the 80s...Algeria beating Germany (European champion then) but despite that all Germany had to do was to play a simple draw with cousin coutry Austria in their last group match (so that both can qualify to the second round) and forced out Algeria. They both did and poor Algeria have to tapau and go home.
Well, who knows if Algeria do beat Egypt today and qualify for South Africa, they may be grouped together with Germany again??

Oman Beyik..remember how high this guy can jump and score from a header? A famous 1-0 victory against defending Champion Argentina at the opening match of world cup Italia 1990.

Papa Diop, the big guy playing in EPL now scoring the famous 1-0 victory against defending champion France in 2002.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

An angry coach and a rough player

Ha ha. Don't understand a single word of what the coach said, but it is surely funny.

This girl is rough, that is all i can say....

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Men In Black

MIB FC is the refereees team from Sg Besi army camp. Most of them are officiating matches of the SSL. Among them are Rosdi, Winson the Sarawakian. Mind you, these guys are actually playing good football, it is just that they are concentrating on doing their role as judge on the pitch now.
True to their names, MIB was wearing black jerseys while we were using our favourite yellow. ibcbet.com surely made a wise investment when they sponsored us this yellow set 2 years ago.
Our game saw a healthy turn out this time thanks to the nice weather. About 16 fellas turn up in anticipating of a fun and healthy work out. Indeed it turned out that way. The script for the game ran smoothly for Weds FC and we pumped in threes goals in first two period to win 3-1.
After the game, the focus was on getting each guy a new warm up t-shirt courtesey of Jason's company Pride Express (www.prideexpress.com) a company dealing with money remittance. For those who have not get it, it will be kept by Jason. You can get it from him.
Next week game will be a night game at Pancanora Stadium Putrajaya kick off time 8:30pm. There will be a week break as many of the Weds FC guys are playing for Malaysia Chinese Veteran in the Handover cup of Macau.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Bryan Leong - Youngest World Kick Boxing Champ

Our kid is the champ! Shouted Leks and Nancy Leong. This little big man competed in Spain for the World Kick Boxing Championship (for under 12 category) representing M'sia. Bravo Bryan Leong!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Johan Cruyff

For those of you who don't know much about him, here is a video of this Holland Master.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Menang Tiga Satu

Ya, team kami mencapai kemenangan dengan mudah apabila bermain dengan cuma 12 orang. Hujan yang turun sejak lewat petang jelas menjejaskan kehadiran pemain-pemain. Itu pun mungkin kerana ramai yang dah mula bosan dengan terlalu banyak game.
Entah, harap-harap ini cuma fikiran kosong sahaja.

Seperti biasa, pasukan lawan dari "Air-con serivice unit UPM" tidak kelihatan sehingga hampir pukul enam, dan otai-otai Weds FC dah cukup panas warm-up dengan shooting practice mereka. Game bermain 2 half aja disebabkan kekurangan masa, apalah dengan penghujung tahun, memeang langit akan menjadi gelap dengan cepat.

Skrip perlawanan bermula dengan kedua-dua pasukan cuba menguji kehebatan masing-masing dan biasalah kita nampak dua-dua belah pun nampak fit dan laju. Dengan semangat yang tinggi dan jitu, pasukan Otai Wed FC meluru kedepan dalam serangan-serangan yg berpusu-pusu serperti ombak laut. Kebuntulan barisan serangan agak menghampakan tambah dengan saudara Kenny yang selalu tertangkap dengan trap offside lagi menyebabkan member-member "taruh sama dia". Ah, dah tua lah ni, sehingga saya tak ingat siapa dan bagaimana kita dapat membolosi gol mereka. Tak apalah, itu tak penting ma..

Game menyambung balik dengan kami masih berusaha untuk mencari gol kedua tetapi ini masih tidak berhasil. Gandingan Sifu Kim Tu dan Eric nampak bahaya tetapi cuma gol saja yang bertandusan. Apa nak buat, mungkin rezeki tak ada lah ni..Moral pasukan nampak turun mendadak apabila pasukan lawan dapat menyumbat gol hasil daripada jaringan kapten pasukan mereka yang dapat mengglecik saudara Kenny dan merembat masuk gol.

Namun demikian, seperti naga yang terbangun, maka teruslah team otai kami meningkatkan usaha untuk menjaring gol kemenangan. Bullet menjadi akitek gol kedua kami dengan penghantaran yang begitu tepak dari 70 ela kepada pemain termuda ah Chuen, yang mana beliau memotong kesemua pemain lawan dan menolak gol kedalam gawang yang kosong. Gol yang ketiga gua tak ingat siapa score liao.

Majulah Bolasepak Otai Wed FC.

Otai = old timer

Monday, November 2, 2009

vs BSN

Upcoming matches for Wed FC will be : 4/11 against a team that is servicing air-cons for UPM. So we shall call them AC UPM. While on 11/11 it will be once against the MIB FC from Camp Sg Besi. Both matches are at Bank Pertanian (currently call Agro Bank- somehow i still prefer BP).

For last Wed match against BSN at BSN stadium, the turn out was surprisingly low with barely 11 guys at kick off time. Big Loong were expecting a huge turn out and probably it was some how affected by the heavy rain. None of the Klang boys were insight. In the end, we have 14 players to play. The game started with BSN trying very hard to penetrate our defence but were restricted to limited chances only. While on the other hand, we were relying on sporadic attacks led by Swee D upfront alone. The two-half game seemed destined to end in goalless score when again keeper Ong fumbled on his catches and let out an easy tap in for BSN striker to score.

Second half resumed with us trying to step up one gear and went for the attacking mode. Our chances were there but it was let down by poor finishing. Against the run of play, BSN score the second goal and that was how it ended.

Monday, October 26, 2009

A Big Win

Weds FC came in full size with over 20 players. I though this was another of our recently launched "White vs Yellow" series. Surely not. Our opponent was those guys from Kementerian Dalam Negeri enforcement unit - responsible for raiding those outlets or stalls in pasar malam for selling fake merchandise, piloted DVDs, VCD etc.
We started warming up since 5pm with 2 sides of 8 and this lasted for nearly 45 minutes! Enough of warm up indeed. The match then started at about 5:50 and immediately the well warm-up players from Weds FC pounced and scored 4 quick goals in a matter of 20 minutes. Big Loong there and then decided to perform the usual act - pulling off his socks and boots to call it a day - as a reserve(for those of you who know him well, he is only keen to play against strong sides).
The script for this match is very predictable. Goal, goal, goal. By the end of the first half it was 6-0 to Weds.
The 'B'squad trooped in for the second half without much motivation then. This can clearly be seen in their body language of playing at a walking pace. With this we can't be expecting more goals and in the end it was just one more goal added to the tally.
This coming Wednesday match will be against the BSN team who is in preparation for the Ministry of Finance Sports carnival. Surely a strong side that we will meet. See you at BSN.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

White vs Yellow

Can't find an opponent to play. What to do? So, just make sure you get all your non-regulars to come and play lah. There you go the solution. The first ever Wed Yellow vs Wed White match was held at Agro bank (formerly Bank Pertanian). Each side started with 12 guys and it later increased to 14 each. Certainly a spectacle to see with so many guys on the pitch.

Only 1 ref was employed, and Winson had a very simple task of blowing the whistle once every 10 minutes i supposed? Eventhough it was a friendly between team mates, the match was taken quite seriously. With Batman around, the match is never going to be casual. Barcode Zac was getting a lot of sticks for lazying around and seen as not giving his best. That is why he chose to mend the goalpost in the second half.

All in, it was a good work out for the guys in preparing for the upcoming season.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rest of the matches during Puasa month

Weds fc have played quite a few night matches during the fasting month at Putrajaya stadium. This include a game vs what i call Suka-suka Fc, DU Diamond (KJ's team) and Red star. As for Day game, it was against MCFA finalist, NS Chinese.

The overall results was 3 Wins and 1 defeat for Weds FC.

Results: 1) vs Kedahan FC - cant recall already. 4 or 5 - 2. This team is comprising of players from all over Putrajaya. Ironic is that their two goals was scored by a chap wearing a Selanogr fan club t-shirt. Cikgu also can't catch him!

2) vs DU Diamond - 6-2 with Khairy the Pemuda Umno Youth chief scoring twice. I suspect one of the goals was "lepas jalan" by our Mr Bao (looking for projects lah ni?)
3) vs Red Star - lost 0-3. The mighty Red star will be a force to reckon with the way they play agaisnt Weds. All other premier league teams got to sit up and be prepared. Make sure their tall chap Rowen is marked tightly. This guy is fast! We have our chances, but ...
4) vs NS Chinese at Uniten Stadium. Game started nearly at 6 but still managed to play 3 periods. Down 1-0 in the second minute no thanks to kayu Lee who was really 'blurred' that day. He just swept it in instead of clearing it. Must be the night activity that caused this to happen. As kayu Kaka Sia said, we score 3 goals in winning 2-1. High turnout with over 24 players around. Like this next time we will arrange a friendly game among our own Weds FC players. Winners gets to play the whole month's friendly games. Loser can just come and support.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lucky Escape

Weds FC trooped in to RSC with the confidence of another easy match against the RSC veterans. Yup, the match was rather one sided with us dominating for much of the 3 periods. Possession count should be 90 percent against 10 percent. That is a bit exaggerating but it just reflects how impotent is our strike force. There was lack of bite upfront and we turned into tootlhless tiger. Chances were plenty but in the decisive moment or last kick we just don't have it. Their tactics of parking the bus in front of the goal mouth also succeeded in denying us our chances.

We were lucky to score a goal courtesy of the fumble by their keeper Andrew Lim. Kenny has the easiest task of just tapping it in. On the other hand, RSC led by ex-national A Jayakanthan was able to absorb wave after wave of our attacks and in three of those rare counter attacks they managed to threaten us and score and equaliser. Jayakanthan the scorer. We could be embarrassed if they managed to score the winner but the escape came from the "tiang" goal.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Directions to Taman Pancanora Stadium ( Precint 18)

I think the easiest and quickest way to this place is travelling from Bank Pertanian area. The traffic light in front of the junction to BP is the first landmark. As you head south towards Kg Sungai Merab area, you will come to the second traffic right and a sign say "Putrajaya" is for all to see. Turn right and you are on the right track. Just focus you drive following the sign leading to Precint 18 and in no time you shall reach the destination. Click on the marker "B" to get detailed directions.

View Larger Map

Photos Weds FC vs PCRC on 30/8/09

Putrajaya Stadium a.k.a Taman Pancanora

We have played 5 times here since last year. The pitch has definitely been well kept. Playing night games in Klang valley not only expensive but the venue can be quite far (depends on where you live). For guys living to the south of KL, Putrajaya is an ideal location. Few years ago, we get to play in nice venue such as Maybank (but now you need to know the people there to book the pitch, and it is always closed for outsiders). Petronas used to be within the budget, but now they charge you 1000 to 1200 for the facility! Who would be willing to play and how often?
Another two venue which is off limit is UKM and UPM stadium. One can only play there with their staffs or student team.

We found Putrajaya stadium (or rather Taman Pancanora field) quite an ideal pitch,with the cost between 550 to 600 (depends on who booked it for you). Maybe the grass need more trimming as the travelling ball could be dragged down by its lenght. It will definitely go into our monthly agenda of having one night game a month. Until then, see you at RSC this Wed.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Weds FC vs PCRC (Aug 30, 2009)

The PCRC team came down in conjunction with the ongoing MCFA cup which was held at Bangi Selangor. Both teams came with over 20 players and it was decided that a 4-half format allowing these two teams to break into a above 30s and above 40s side. The oldies were able to show the young cikus a thing or two about football lesson, in the end the visiting PCRC team edged out the KL&Selangor Wednesday side with a 4-3 scoreline. After game both teams proceeded to go for makan over at Seri Kembangan. Hope to travel to Perak for a rematch soon.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hua Lian FC vs Wed FC

The young guns from JB was supposed to play 2 matches in KL. However a lesson in football probably have changed their mind. With many Weds FC stars absent for their soccer trip (which i shall report in later post) to Dongguan China, Weds FC were still able to chalk up a comfortable victory against the southerners.
Matches were played on Saturday at Alice Smith school. Game kind of started late when the KTM commuter train were half an hour behind time. After a brief exchage of momentos both teams started agressively trying to look for the first goal. Weds FC were slowly gaining the upperhand with time moved on. First, second and third goals were scored during the 1st half. While our fourth were added in the second. Hua Lian boys reduced the deficit with a consolation goal and the match ended 4-1 to Wednesday.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Heartbreak at Quarter Finals

Wednesday FC foray into the inaugural KL International Veteran 9's ended in the hands of eventual champion, Parlimen Kota Bharu FC. The two-day event saw participation of 32 teams from all over Malaysia. All matchces were held at the University Malaya soccer field on 15th and 16th Aug. Organizer for this event was Bangsar Veteran FC.

Our team of twelve vets (minimum age 40 and above) did well to ditch out 2 wins and one draw in the group phase, a win in the last 16 but couldn't proceed further as we succumb to a 1-2 defeat to Parlimen KB Kelantan. Hard luck, but that is football. Despite the defeat, a sumptuous lunch was waiting for us at Paramount section 17 PJ. All went home with a heavy belly.

Cuba lagi, boys!

No Break During Ramadan

Yes, this is the rulling received from our boss. Wed FC will continue to parade their talent during the fasting month. Matches will still be lining up for the boys. So, don't slack off! Our very first fasting month match will be against Kilat veteran on 26th. Thereafter, some of us will dash off to Bukit Kiara club for the pre-season meeting of KL Social Soccer League. Yes, the SSL season will only kick off after Hari Raya.

In the mean time, expect to play against one of the social soccer league long serving team, Astaka FC this Sunday (venue to be advised).

Friday, July 31, 2009

Fast n Furiuos

This is game remember to be one driving a Ferrari vs Proton Saga 1986. Not the different in value but purely in terms of speed. Yup. The young boys of UKM were a bunch of speedy Gonzalez while the more experience Weds FC were clearly lacking in the speeding room.
Whenever a Wed FC guy hold on to the ball, immediately a shadow from UKM will be neared him. This causes many interruptions to our game plan. The advantage was on the UKM boys. Needless to say, from the first whistle, they were running all over the field creating rooms for themselves and much chasing's by the veterans of Weds FC.
Wave after wave of attacks were somehow kept at bay by the defensive lineup of Bullet, Bao, Jason and Waynaldo. The crack finally happened regardless. 1-0 when a through ball saw UKM scored their first of the night. And they nearly scored another not long after the first goal. We were rescued by the grace of referee's whistle calling for cigarette break.
With tremendous turn up (24 players in total), only 2 players survived to play in the second period. Sifu and Ong. The rest were ah Chuen (twin brother of Ah Hao, who just did his ACL operation), Liu (hairstylist), Dato Dribble Leks, Klang boys: Gaga Sia, Alonso Yew and Barcode Zac, Cikgu, ah Soon, Frankie for the second team. Well, we sort of started brightly and nearly scored an equalizer only for forward to muff it. Then, UKM again scored via a clever through ball against the run of play.
3rd period started with Mohd Ishavi (of Libya) playing for the first time for us. A player with some neat touches but lack of understanding with his fellow strikers let us down. Tak apalah. With Weds FC fast getting tired, UKM took full advantage to add two more goals to complete the rout. 0-4. See you next Wednesday at LLM.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Itchy punya kaki...

Aiyoyo!! What to do today between 4-7 o'clock ah?? That was the feeling of a lot of our kaki bola. Well! I can feel the same too you know? Having all set to play a game today only to be told that it has to be postponed! Alamak i ....

Big Loong called early in the morning saying i should try look for another team to play- just to feed the appetite of these hungry footballers. I know. We can find a team easily if given 24 hours time BUT to do it in the matter of a few hours is a tough call. Try i did.. but to no success. The last hope was hinged on UPM Staff team. Coach Saheh said he would let me know latest by 3:30pm but it turned out that he could only get 6 guys to play. So, game tak jadi. In the end, Big Loong, Bullet, John, Kenny and me went over to the factory outlet store in Summit to scout for any good adidas bargains. The result was : 4 pairs of shoes, 3 for Big Loong and 1 for Kenny. A real sweat deal with Predator Swerve going for only RM219 after a hefty 60 percent discount. This retail therapy sort of calm their nerves of not having a chance to play football on a fine Wednesday afternoon.

I received a call late this evening at around 9:30 from none other than Zul. Guess what? Our friend went all the way to UKM and found himself all alone. See you tomorrow night Zulhilmi. Cheers.

Viva La Vida

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Monday, July 27, 2009

Change of venue for next 2 games..Referee story..True or not true??

Guys, our next two matches will have a change of venue from our home ground. For 29/7 it will be a night match (kick off time 8:30pm) at UKM Stadium vs the UKM Staff team follow by 5/8 at LLM vs LLM Staff. Please ensure that you do not turn up at the wrong place or the wrong time.

In the mean time, the new pitch at Taman Danau Desa saw its first match being hosted there on last Saturday. The game pitted host IFC against Weds FC. A casual talk with the new DBKL staff manning it said it cost about RM2 Million to build. Not sure if this is true though. It was a decent pitch (considering it is rather new, but am not sure whether it will continue to remain so after a while. You know what i mean.) The only grouses was certain patches of the pitch was not even enough and there were also a few holes (meant for the drainage system) which could endanger the precious foot of these bunch of aging footballers.

It was a sunny day and both teams were up and ready to kick off only to find that the Men in Black were no where to be seen. Alas, our MIB friends only managed to reach around 5:45pm. Not too badlah considering how some refs will failed to turn up at all (despite us giving cash money!, no hutang-hutang one). This remind me of my old KL FA league playing days when many a time, when both teams turned up there could be the possibility of matches being cancelled as no refs turned up at all. Rumours have it then that they were not paid for their services rendered and it was always like that until some lamented that they could only get their dues one season later! Betul kah ni? Some ex-refs even quipped that they would rather "cari makan" doing our social games as the payment is always C.O.D (cash on delivery). Hmm, the market rate for refs in KL area i heard is RM150 now compare to what was not long ago RM120. This price is still true in Bangi area but for downtown KL or even PJ/Shah Alam the inflation of refs wages is 150 lah brother. RM50 for sweating it out for 1.5 hour is good side income. Don't you think so?

Oh, by the way Weds FC ended beating the averagely older IFC side with a score of 6-2. Good workout for both teams. As usual, cold beers all around for IFC guys.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

2 Teams turn out

Yup, 23 players to be exact. A much better turn out then the Man Utd vs Malaysia match. The Oldies team (or rather the regulars) get to play first. Our opponent is all young guns from MPOB (Porim). They came dressed in their Man City blue outfits.
2 halves were decided to be played instead of the regular 3 periods. With anticipation that all players will be substituted after the first half, the oldies gave all they could in this 45 minutes half. Gaga Sia teased that this team is made up of diesel engine compare to their teams of petrol engine..

Nothing much to say about the match except that we missed two penalties, one by Swee D and one by Sifu. In the end, due to the tireless run by the oldies, our young opponent were a lethargic lots in the 2nd half. Our second team easily dominated play and countless clear cut chances were missed. Zac and Sifu combined to missed over 15 clear shots. Zul was ever enthusiastic to try very hard after he was offered RM10 for each goal scored by Bullet. However, Zul disappointed Bullet in the end. Bullet also brought along a new pal known as Liu the Hairstylist to play. His game is not bad at all eventhough he claimed to stop playing for over 15 years. At least like what John said, we can now have free haircuts from him. John was his usual crazy running self but was also easily losing possessions. Big Loong have to really tell him to be composed and try not to lose every balls that was given to him.

Cikgu was also told to lose another 5 kilos in order to play well. If not his nightly dinner with the PRC gals will not help his belly downsizing. Dato Leks were also being counted on the number of twists and turns he did while holding the ball. Bets were being thrown to see who guess it right.

In the end, a goal a piece from Sifu and Dato made it a two nil victory for the oldies here. Next week could be a night game with UKM staff at UKM stadium Bangi. Not UPM ya. To be confirmed.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Weds 2-4 FAM

The game was played at MSN pitch with 16 players from our side comprising Waynaldo, Bullet, Loong, Fai Chai, Cikgu, Pao, Kenny, Swee D, Zul, Robin, Batman, Wai Chai, Kent, Sifu, Yeo and Loh.

Opponent was a host of ex-internatioanls like Rajagopal, Khalid Shahdan, S Somasundram, Ismail Ibrahim, Azmin Asram, Ong Kim Swee, Tan Cheng Hoe and the likes. 3 period of 30 minutes format was played and the first period started brightly for us with several menacing attacks failed to turn in to goals. Kim Tu and Swee D were creating many chances up front. Given enough time surely a goal would come. And this happened when Kim Tu was able to break free from tight marking to feed a one on one for Swee D, who coolly rounded off the charging keeper to score. 1-0.

Second period saw our dominance gradually reduced with both teams having a go at each other. However our chances were more as compare to theirs as Waynaldo has a shot parried away by the keeper while Sifu Kim had another one on one hit wide off target. A dipping shot by Yeo swee hock saw Azmin Asram having to dig out all his resources to do a flying save. Second goal finally came when Kim Tu again broke free on the left and cut in with a cross to Kenny for him to tap it in. 2-0. FAM, undaunted, came back to steal one back when Zul (who was forced to play as right back) failed to clear a cross and their fat player had the easiest task of beating keeper Zahari. 2-1 it ended.

3rd period resume with Sifu, Batman, Waynaldo and bullet sitting out. FAM this time totally dominated play and it was not long that they scored the equalizer off some need passes on the right flank. Sensing that Ah Loh was not as fast as them, they easily bypass him to release a powerful shot to beat Zahari. 2-2. Not long after, a free kick was awarded when Cikgu was judged fouled for tugging Boskic's the national team physio's shirt. Zahari failed to catch the resulting direct kick cleanly and when it was vomited from his body, FAM players just follow up to score their 3rd goal. My mind was screaming: "Where is the marking????". Obviously, as we get more impatient and charging upfront looking for that elusive equalizer, FAM players were well prepared to trap us. Their simple spraying around of the balls just made our players chasing shadows and grew frustrated. Another quick counter attack saw Zul (who is now being called to play as left back) pulling down Boskics. Penalty awarded and it became 2-4.

Post match analysis: We grew complacent in the second half while leading 2-0. Definitely both Loh and Zul were being played out of their normal position. Our left and right backs were clearly leaking. Other than that, we can match this FAM team from head to toe. If we ever have the second chance to play them, we know what to do. Show respect but go in without FEAR is the way. Play our normal game will do.

Next week tentatively back to Bank Pertanian. Yeo is trying to arrange a match at MPSJ with the MPSJ staff. Night game maybe?? To be advised.

Friday, July 10, 2009

IFC Ruby Nine

The inaugural Over 40s 9-a-side tourney was held on Saturday July 4th. The Independence Day of USA. 9 teams were invited by host IFC (International Football Club).

Two groups of five were divided into A and B with the top two teams from each group proceed to semi-finals. The rest will play in classification matches. Weds FC were grouped with Cabin Crew, Sagga, Maxis and Club Aman.

Here is the results:

Weds 1-0 Cabin Crew, Weds 1-0 Maxis, Weds 0-0 Club Aman, Weds 2-0 Sagga.

Semi Finals: Weds 0-0 RSC. Penalty kicks won 5-4. Keeper Ong was hero of the team by saving two kicks. Our scorers: Lee Joo, Robin Chan, Waynaldo and Swee D. Jeffrey Yap tak masuk.

Finals: Weds vs IFC. We were down 1-0 when ex-National Khan Hung Meng managed to break free from tight marking by Malau on the left flank. He burst through and sent in cross which was failed to clear by our defense line marshalled by Cikgu. Rajinder duely scored. By the way Cikgu, you need to lose a few pounds man! Too much food with the China dolls will not help to reduce your weight lah..

Swee D was taken off and replaced by Waynaldo upfront. His constant running off the ball seemed to distract the opponent and so much so that we scored one back courtesy of keeper Mark Toh of IFC. His mishandling of the rebounce let Big Loong the easiest task of nodding it in. Sensing that IFC is getting tire, we put in more men upfront to attack. Cikgu was pulled out and Swee D was recalled to assist in attack. The move paid off. Lee Joo with some clever on two play with Robin let fly a 30 yards screamer to score our winner. Champions.

Weds 6-1 AADK

Since the high scoring match last week against Maritim, we came expecting yet another high scoring act but this time just by us. Having came back from a successful 7-a-side tournament on Saturday, the guys were busy talking about it.

As usual the waiting game continue while we warm up by playing touch ball. Zul was loaned to AADK. The Anti Drug Agency team was in yellow and we revert to our pure White outfit. Game started with Kenny misses 2 clear goals. We dominated play as AADK seemed was very rusty in their play. First goal came after 15 minutes when Waynaldo was sent through by Lee Joo. His one on one shot was blocked and Kenny followed up with a simple tap in. 1-0. Well, as the match progressed on Sifu Kim Tu put on the scoring act and two quick goals saw our lead increase to three. Zul pulled one back for AADK before it ended. 2nd period resume with much the same story and we added two more goals before the break. By this time the game was well gone. Keeper Ong chose to rest and past his glove to Bullet Lee. Bullet challenged Zul to score another goal and get a ten ringgit reward if he did. Zul tak ada rezeki. Final score 6-1 when Waynaldo curled in a beautiful shot to the top right angle to finish it off.

Next week, Night game at MSN. Our opponent is the FAM coaching staff.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Final Squad for Malaysia-Borneo International 7s

The final squad selected are:

Rawang Ong
Bullet Lee
Gaga Sia
Deno Bao
Dato Lee chong wei
Jason and brother Gary
Big Loong
and last but not least Sai Sai D Kenny Lim.

Team Manager: Zitan Bai kar Tan
Physioterapist: Ah Kiat of Banting 66
Travelling wife/supporter: Mrs Ong and Little Ms Ong

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Monday, June 22, 2009

I am back

Well, after missing out 3 weeks of Wednesday's football, I am back. In my absence, we lost 2 matches 0-3 and 1-2. We drew with Hong Kong team 4 all.

With the Social Soccer league season over, we may have a chance to arrange more matches on the weekends. We can even look to having friendly matches in outstation e.g. Ipoh, Penang, Melaks, Seremban, PD etc. Will look into it with the rest of the guys.

This Wed,our game will be against Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara. See you at Bank Pertanian.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This week game

This week will be vs Putrajaya FC. See you at Bank Pertanian.

Next Wed no game due to having a friendly match on Thursday against Hong Kong ex pro at Petronas. Over 40 only can play.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Friendly games

This Friday night 8:30pm will be a friendly game vs the UPM Staff at UPM Stadium. The game is confirmed already.

June 11th, Thursday Wednesday FC will play a friendly game against a visiting Hong Kong team at Petronas Stadium 5pm.

Our opponent for this Wednesday at Bank Pertanian will be Alam Sekitar FC.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Penang International Soccer 7s

Click on pictures to read/enlarge.


当年曾顶一片天 今日屈指犹可数








为了让后生小子认识多一点昔日华人名将,本报找来了大马华人足球权威吴永昌(Goh Ah Chai)为大家介绍。































仇志强 (Chow Chee Keong)

林芳基 (Lim Fung Kee)


黄金富 (Wong Kam Fook)

王耀添 (Ong Yu Tiam)

林泉进 (Lim Chuan Chin)

杨伟康 (Yong Wai Hong)

张金文 (Nazreen Chong)








苏进安 (Soh Chin Aun)

黄九富 (Wong Kow Foo)

苏祖连(Soh Choh Len)

周少伟 (Chow Siew Yai)

徐金成 (See Kim Seng)

邓秀成 (Tang Siew Seng)

王康能 (Wong Hung Nang)

陈清和(Tan Cheng Hoe)


周贵林 (Chow Kwai Lam)

何永宁 (Taukeh)

李亚九 (Lee Ah Kou)



王春华 (Wong Choon Wah)



叶志强 (Yip Chee Keong)

郭金远 (Kuet Kin Heong)

李健洪 (Lee Kin Hong)

曾吉瑞 (Chan Keat Swee)

林长金 (Lim Teong Kim)

叶伟伦 (Yap Wai Loon)

王金水(Ong Kim Swee)

杨瑞福(Yeo Swee Hock)


许锡麟 (Azrai Khor Seak Ling)



林金连 (Lim Kim Lian)

黄才富 (James Wong)

雷隆德 (Looi Long Teik)

江汉明 (Kang Hung Meng)

曾维和 (Chen Wei How)

何汉祥 (Ho Hon Seong)

张景刚(Chong King Kong)

刘金杜(Liew Kim Tu)


1.朱允豪 (Chee Wan Hoe)

2.陈国兴 (Chan Kok Heng)

3.黄河源 (Ooi Hoe Guan)

4.黄家伦 (Aiman Wong Kah Loon)

5.梅国雄 (Moey Kok Hong)

6.陈永雄 (Chan Wing Hong)

7.周志荣 (Chow Chee Weng)

8.林灿耀 (Lim Chan Yew)

9.王世光 (Wong Sai Kong)

10.廖吉光(华印混血儿)Liew Kit Kong

11.梁宏成 (Leong Hong Seng)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Classic Football: Seiko vs Boca Juniors

A friendly match in 1982 saw Maradona and co travelling to Hong Kong to play a friendly with the now folded Seiko team. 比賽日期1982年1月10日,小保加(Boca Junior)對精工,小保加有球王馬納當拿(Diego Maradona),精工請左1974年世界杯西德射手轟炸機武 勒(但已經是今非昔比的武勒)黎客串,精工得胡國雄同區永雄兩個 華人踢正選。


Barcelona Hammered Real Madrid

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Funny Football

This is Football not Footbrawl lah..

Look at the first two pictures, that is what i loved about football. Fair play and fun. Aiya, we can lose a game but we CANNOT lose sportsmanship! That's how everyone felt after the game. "uncles, cool lah..football only ma" was what i overheard during the melee after the game ended. Yes! we must not let this incident ever happen again. No matter what happen on the pitch, let it end there and then. Thanks to effort by all around, sensibility prevail..and lucky that no fight broke out...Aiyo! Sakit kepala if this were to happen. Players involve will be ban for a few matches. Guys, we need to enjoy the game not spoil the mood. Self control is essential. Cool lah brother!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Football tour to Dongwan and Shenzen China

Weds FC annual tour will be on Aug 6-8-09 to 10-8-09. Tour organizer is Cikgu (kurang ajar) Chee. He said there will be two matches line up against local sides. Each confirm participants to pay air fare of RM600 (no refund) by May 10. Lodging not included but expect to pay RM120 per night. One of the Donggwan team is Sun FC www.sun11.cn

Confirmed List
1. Cikgu
2. Frankie
3. Richard Poon
4. Peter Old man (non playing member)
5. Stanley
6. Bao
7. Kenny
8. Ah Siong
9. another ah Siong (non playing)

Cikgu said limited seat available and will be first come first serve.

Friday, April 24, 2009

KL Social Soccer League Quarter Finals

Quarter finals (25/26 April)

SP Banting v Swoosh Uniten A Sunday 3:45
Conn v Wolves Uniten A Sunday 5:15
Club 9 v Socceroos Uniten B Sunday 5:15
Kepong Chinese v UK Rovers Uniten B Sunday 3:45

Fusions v Barflies Alice Smith Sunday 5:15
MF v USJ Alice Smith Sunday 3:45
KL Vikings v Maluri UPM A Sunday 5:00
BM v Warriors Bank Pertanian Sunday 3:45

DH v Astaka Petronas Stadium Sunday 5:15
Asterix Reds v Red Star Petronas Stadium Sunday 3:45
LSCM-TSV v Sporting Alice Smith Saturday 5:00
Mancis v Expert Klang Uniten B Saturday 5:00

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Weds 8 - 2 Custom

The lesson we learned from this game is never to bitch too much when your team is not playing well. Overreacting will not endear you to all. This is a game suppose for all to gather, have fun and sweat it out for good health. Do not take it too seriously. After all, winning and losing is part and parcel of the game.

Enough said. Btw, Custom team is not bad at all, they just need more time to gel. Will be a good side given enough time.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Weds 4 - 2 SEGI

Weather: Sunny.
Pitch condition: Perfect, not too hard nor soft.

Our opponent SEGI College came in a full bus load anticipating a tough match with the oldies of Weds FC. Referee also came early after being reminded that the game will kick off at 5:30.

The line up: Ong, Bullet, Soon, Waynaldo, John, Big Loong, Soon Teck, Gaga, Yew, Kenny and Fai. Reserves: Stanley, Jason, Zul, Zac, Bao and Fende. As you may noticed, Batman has not turned up for more than a month. Rumours is he got to work extra hard to meet his sales target at the current down time. Same goes to Swee D i guess.

Game started and immediately Kenny,Fai chai, Gaga missed some golden chances. Possession 60 percent to Weds. Kosong kosong first period.

Second period was quite tight and SEGI opened scoring when they managed to beat our offside trap. Stunned. Weds immediately when for the kill and in one such corner kick, sub Stanley headed in a well send cross from Soon Teck. 1-1. Against the run of play, SEGI scored again, this time no thanks to a lapse of concentration in the defend line. We pulled one back after Zac was fouled by their goalie. Gaga stepped up to equalized. Super sub Zac added the third goal with a not so well connected header but it still ended in the net.

3rd period SEGI tried hard to find some respite but our defence hold tight. Speedy Gonzalez Fai chai scored our last goal to make it 4 - 2 effectively kill off the game.

Next week it will be a game versus the Custom boys. Mr ah Loh Pet helped organized this match. So, he must be attending.

By the way, our t-shirt is already available. Sizes from XXL to S available. Please contact Waynaldo to collect your order.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Weds 4 - 0 Taylor's College

16 turned up but only 15 chose to play. Why?

First 11: Ong, Waynaldo, Sunny, Bullet, Jason. Midfields: Soon Teck, Bao, Boy (Ong's Godson), Pai Kuat Chuen. Strikers: ah Soon and John. Reserves: Big Loong, Zul, Kenny, Fender. Cikgu- Tactical advisor.

Taylor's apparently have finalized their squad and this time we saw a much smaller squad of 15/16 players. With last week game still fresh in mind, we chose to attack right from the beginning. Can't remember who scored our first goal but it was off after some neat passes ala Barcelona style. We didn't have Messi, Henry or Eto but the passing moves was certainly something we enjoyed watching from the back. Even luan luan Jao John also had decent passes. His played today was simple game without unnecessarily holding on too long to the ball. Second goal came of a corner kick header. Bao scored. Third goal came from another header and this was from a powerful far post directed goal by ah Soon.

There were no goals in the second period although we were still dominating play. Having seen such dominance in the first period, our Big Loong have no mode to play. As usual lah..

Third period resumed with the same fashion and by the end Zul scored from an easy tap in courtesy of John's work. Empat kosong it ended.

Next week will be against SEGI College. Previously we drew 3-3 at BP.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Weds 2 - 2 Taylor's College

Our young opponent came really early. By 4:30pm they were already at the pitch warming up. A chat with Suresh the manager revealed that this is their first gathering as a new team in preparation for the up coming Inter-Varsity tournament. As this team is totally new, they didn't even have a set of kits to wear for the game.

Weather: a sunny afternoon, a sharp contrast to the past few weeks.

Line up: Ong, Waynaldo, Bullet, Jason, Pai Kuat Chuen, Big Loong, Soon Teck, BT Lee, Bao, Fai and Kenny.

Game started at a slow pace (was really hot). Chances were created but there were no finishings. Kenny helped created our first goal when his miskick saw the ball dipping towards the net. Their keeper somehow fumbled and it led to the easiest job of tapping in by Fai chai. 1-0.
Second period, Soon, John and How came in as substitute. Taylor's intro of two young African players certainly changed the tempo. Despite that, Weds score another via John. Thereafter, Taylor boys came charging and their dangerman a.k.a Kanu created many chances. Eventually, our defend crumbled under pressure. 2 successive goals saw them equalized 2-2.

After discussion with fellow players, Bank Pertanian will replace Uniten as our home ground from now on. As Uniten is constantly unplayable when it rain, the best way to avoid this hassle is a pitch with good drainage system. Bank Pertanian is the choice. So guys, see you all at Bank Pertanian every Wednesdays.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Upcoming Night games- TBA

We are arranging a night game with UKM on Monday 6th at UKM Stadium. To be advised.
UKM is playing in the Uni League Division 2. Been a while since we last played them in 2006. Those who are interested please sign up.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Video - Malaysia vs W.Germany 1972 Olympic games

I was too young to remember anything at all. It was from sports history that i knew Malaysia football reaches one of its height when we made it to the Olympics. The other one was of course the success of 1980 (which we boycotted).

Stanley, you better call Choon Wah and inform him about this (not forgetting Loon Teck and Dato Soh too). Enjoy watching it. Look at the confidence and ball play of our players. Ada class maa!

Now? Like the Chinese saying: "no eye see liao"


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Weds 4 - 1 JPA

JPA (Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam) is a team preparing for the upcoming KL league Div 1. A good side with many recruits consisting of ex-M league, reserve league players. Always tough to play against them.
Weather - was at Uniten by 4pm. Minum Milo and order a set of roti bakar. Ah Fai suppose to turn up at 4:30 "fong fei gei". Slowly getting darker. Wonder got game at Uniten?
Spoke to Zul, call up Rafi again to stand by BP. Zul went to BP and reported better to play the game there. All move on to BP.
Not long after, it rained. Still playable we prayed. Our prayer was answered. Game on! Slight drizzle only. John and Bullet rushing over right after their massage session! Not many who turned up today.
First eleven - Ong-goalie lah. Bullet and Chicken - centre back, stopper. Waynaldo and John- left/right back. Bao, Soon Teck, Zul and Soon - 4 midfielders. Neo and Crazy - twin strikers. Reserve - Kenny, Fai and Big Loong, and Ong's godson.
First half, evenly contested game. Crazy opened scoring via a glancing header.
Second half, JPA came all over us. Looking dangerous and they scored eventually. 1-1. Crazy again supply the danger move, he was tricked and penalty given. Crazy was streched off. Not sure if he can play in SSL CUP game this Sun. Waynaldo stepped up and converted. 2-1. Waynaldo gave away penalty in turn. JPA failed to score hitting the post 2 kali. Bad omen for them.
Weds FC wake up from this. Attack, attack, attack. One of this move saw their Indra Putra look a like defender got sent off for intentionally clearing the ball with his golden hands. Maybe he thought he is the keeper. Bullet Lee, after his powerful massage session, got inspired and he scored! Goallllllllllllllllll.
Next come Luan Luan Jao. He saw a big hole right in from of the goalpost and cooly sent in a simple cross to make it 4 -1. Lingam must be happy knowing that his new signing will continue his scoring act with Maluri.
Good game mate!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Weds 6 - 0 KK Ulu Langat

It was a sunny afternoon in Bangi and all seemed to point to a perfect day for good football. Alas, it was not to be. A call from Crazy informed that the middle part of Uniten B has become a fishing pond, no thanks to the earlier down pour around 2pm. A quick call to Rafi confirmed that we can use Bank Pertanian, another life saver was thrown to this match. A few sms to the key persons helped passed the messages around.

Our young opponents were from the Community College of Ulu Langat, which made some of us thought that, just like any young teams, they will give us all a good run for our money. It turned out to be the other way round.
Our B team consist of Ong (in goal), center back Bullet, and Stopper Bao. Wing back Waynaldo and Fai chai. Midfielders: Big Loong, BT Lee, Luan luan jao and Zul. Forwards: Crazy and Kenny. At the go, initial five minutes the contest was quite even, however, not long after we dominated play with Kenny missing 3 sitters. Wonder what and when will make him score? Finally,scored Kenny did. By wrestling the ball from the defenders, he scored from a one on one situation. After that the floodgates opened. Two more goals from Crazy and Bullet (penalty) gave us a comfy 3-0 lead at first period.
Second period the A team tropped in fully expecting to double what the B team did. A team: Kit (goalie), Yen and Thiam in center. Wing back Jason and Soon. Midfield: BT Lee, Sia, Yew and Soon Teck. Forward : Kim tu and Willy. Man, Sia misses more chances than Kenny did and they only able to add two more goals.
Third period saw the re-emergence of B team except Big Loong and Ong. This time the guys were pretty relax in their play and only Fai chai add his name to the score sheet. 6-0 it ended.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


皇帽槟城体育俱乐部国际7人足球赛 印尼古尼亚球会摘冠
二零零九年三月九日 下午四时十六分

(槟城9日综合电)第 10 届皇帽槟城体育俱乐部国际7人足球赛周日傍晚圆满落幕,来自印尼的古尼亚球会在至高荣誉的宿将精英赛击败槟城武吉占姆球会,勇摘冠军。



较早前的宿将决赛,直辖区华人球会凭邱惠龙上半场第3分钟施展头捶绝杀,1比0击退朗交怡球会。这项由槟城体育俱乐部创办的赛会从2000年开始,本次共有多达40支海内外球队及昔日球星同场竞逐,创历届赛会新高。马来西亚皇帽市场有限公司则连续第2年成为皇帽槟城体育俱乐部国际7 人足球赛的主要赞助商。