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Thursday, January 13, 2011

KL Weds 0 - 0 JLJ

As usual, our young opponent who's average is 23 came at 4pm and were already started to warm up. Fyi, JLJ is currently playing in the top division of the KLFA league and has qualified to the Quarter final round. There were about 22 of them in attendance. Before our match started, a slight drizzle help to cool off the weather and ground making the ground a bit too soft.
We were equally ready for a big match as well and the new look team, led by newly SELF appointed coach a.k.a The Special One , Waynaldo was there to drill the players into top notch condition both physically and mentally. The emphasis from the 4-5-1 formation was apparently to absorb the expected waves of attacks from JLJ and relying on fast counter attack to score. Ball possession with patient build up were the keys to succeed in this game. The players were all motivated after hearing the pep talks from the special one and were eager to go out there and achive a good result.
The match started with JLJ coming to attack our defense line with venom. However, thanks to the teamwork and fighting spirit displayed, our guys were doing very good to contain them. In fact, we were equally dangerous whenever there is a chance to attack. Long man upfront Kenny Dog-lish was working his ass off giving chase to every ball like a mad dog. His display truly inspire his compatriots to work harder to close down on any gaps or space. JLJ found our defense too hard to break down and were only relying on long range shooting for luck. Certainly no luck for them and keeper Eric were having a somewhat easy time just looking for the ball to went too high/too wide off the goalmouth. 1st period ended 0-0.
2nd period resumed with the same script and our president shouted within a minute of play for substitution. We thought who made him angry and wanted to change so fast? Well, well, well, apparently the old joint of Tailoong got misaligned and causing him needed massage treatment from Pusat Kesihatan KL Wed FC in Seri Kembangan. Tailoong went off and Soonteck came in. We continued to play well as a very cohesive side and JLJ could do nothing to score. We have more chances to score in this period but several chances were wasted due to poor finishes and hesitation to shoot.
3rd periodl was the same old story as above and we managed to end with 0-0. Post match statistic from Gaga Sia indicated our total possession was 51% as compare to JLJ's 49 only.
The guys quickly wash up and head straight for our tema annual dinner at Sg Long..and what a night it was. Certainly great news for those going to Hangzhou in May. More reports on this trip to come..

Attendance: Wayne (coach), Jason (manager), Loong (play 1 minute), Biawak/Bullet, Xiam (the other biawak), LLJ, Bao, Er Eric, Ong, Twins (1 play only), Sia, Stanley, Leks, Soonteck, Soon, Bill, Cikgu, Kenny DOG-lish, Fat boy Chun, Jeffrey. Supporter: Richard Phoon.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

First victory for the year 2011

Following our losses to Warriors on Sunday, we were back to our feet again today after beating KDN (Kementerian Dalam Negeri) 2-1. Despite the heavy rain and thunderstorm at 4pm which threaten to wreak havoc to our match, the rain somehow subsided and by kick off someone up there just turn off the tap (nearly) and it was game on.

The match didn't start until 6pm due to the whether condition. Funny thing is many of our younger generations didn't make it and what came was our golden oldies, a rough count before the game saw nearly 80 percent of the attendees being in the upper half of the 40s. A once in a blue appearance of Mr Jeffrey Yap was one of them.

As usual, the old engine need time to warm up and we took nearly 20 minutes to get settle down. We were lucky to not concede any goals as KDN missed a golden chance to score when defender cum midfielder Stanley failed to clear the ball early and was robbed of the ball. As the guy went one on one with Er Eric, his shot was managed to parry away by the extended arm of Er. We sort of woke up from the action and Yeo dully score off a beautiful lob catching their goalier off guard when he was way too far off the goal line. 1-0. Young boy David could have opened his scoring for KL Wed FC but his shot went straight to the goalie.

Second half resume with 4 substitution being made and this time the younger replacements in the twins , Ang and Jas were there to give an extra pair of lungs and legs to our team. Their addition bolster our fire power and in one of our fast break (and with the help of a pool of water), Kenny 88 was able to skip past the onrushing keeper to score in a wide open goalmouth. 2-0. KDN was trying hard to reduce the gap and they managed to pull one back.

We should have kill off the match with 2 goals but LLJ's header was flying wide while Twin ah Chuen was a second slower to follow up on a second ball to tap it in off a shot from Kenny. In the end, we won 2-1.

Attendance list:
1) LLJ 2) Kenny 3)Bullet 4) Cikgu 5) David 6) Stanley 8) Jason Lim 9) Jeffrey Yap 10) Ong 11) Eric Er 12) Yeo 13) Durian 14) Twin How 15) Twin Chuen 16) Ang

Monday, January 3, 2011

KL WEDS 2-3 Warriors

Sunday game report ;-

Good turn out and our opponent this time is the SSL Div 1 leader Warriors FC led by MP Lim (member of Parliment Lim, Thomas lah tu..). According to MP, his team is resting several key players and blend in with a few new players for selection.In theri rank is a top Kazakstan player named Dembayev.

Match were held at Kolej 10 UPM. Nothing much to write about this match as it was a lazy afternoon that kind of affected the mood and concentration of our guys. Warriors were more adventurous side and they were awarded with the opening goal in the first period off a lapse of concentration in the defence. 1st period ended with that score and second period resume with 9 new faces coming in. Play was better and more organized and we received a penalty when i can't remember who was fouled in the D box. Bullet stepped in and alamak..first time i saw him missed a spot kick . He drove it low to the right side only seeing the ball hit the lower post and bounced out. As we continued to chase the game, those at the outside were having some fun going for a 50 meter sprinting bet (Kenny, Xiam, John and Sia)..who won ah? We managed to level the score when Zul curled in a beautiful free kick. 1-1 second period ended.

3rd period ended with Warriors scored 2 more goals before we replied another through Xiam kia with a beautiful cross in goal.

Attendance: 1) Bullet, 2) Bao, 3)Llj, 4) kENNY 5) Yeo 6) Sia 7) Ang 8) Jas 9) WS Loh 10) CW Loh 11) J Lee 12 ) Alan L 13) Piulyaap 14) Xiam 15)Durian 16)CS Lim 17) Zul 18) Suhaimi 19) Wong 20)Alex.