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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Deep Inside of a Non Star Player

Joining Wed FC needs some courage and definitely more humility than working in a big corporate company. I am not sure about how the rest of my teammates think, but that was definitely in my mind when I joined them for my first game and it is still inside my mind till today.

You know you will be playing alongside the Social League star players mostly make up of players from the champion team Mancis, plus some other stars such as Taso of KLV, Sia and Yew of SC, Joachim who was with LSCM-TSV then, Onn of Kepong Chinese et cetera. And at that time I was playing for Sri Petaling in Div. 1 (now even worst, playing for Maluri at Div. 2). All those mentioned players plus Batman, Iron Loong, Sai D and other star players from Mancis, the thought of it already make your leg wobbly, and it is worst than having to face my boss on his off day.

Will that in mind and with encouragement from my two susu niam niam buddy (Bullet Lee and Robin), I join Wednesday FC more than a year ago. For my first game, I only got to play in the third half of the game......then another 3rd half appearance in my second game.....which led me to think if it is all worth it? Afterall I was consider as one of the star player in SP team at that time.....But the excitement of playing in a team who has players who are really dedicated, works hard and the opportunity to learn more (yes, the opportunity to learn at the age of 34) drive me on.

Well......it has been almost 2 years now that I am with this team. I am still the fringe player in the team. The manager would still prefer to put a right leg star player to play on the left midfield position rather than putting a natural left leg player (Me lah) in the starting line up. If I do get the opportunity to play first, most likely the 2nd half would not see me featuring. Sometimes when we play against teams who plays in Selangor League, the manager would prefer to call outsiders (good players lah) than letting me play first.

Not worth it??? I don't have the answer. I still arrived at the field around 4.30pm and start wearing my boots. Sometimes I arrived earlier at 4pm to yam cha with my buddy bullet Lee and then proceed to the field before 5pm........

See you guys later.........

Why Wednesday FC

I'll tell you the story of how I got involved in Wednesday FC... It was 3-4 seasons back (can't really remember when), I was looking for some weekday games and asked my then manager (TL Tan-LSCM) if he knew anyone playing during the weekdays. I think it took him nearly a month to finally tell me that there's this Chinese team called Mancis United who plays weekdays. He gave me Wayne's number of which I called to arrange my first game with this (at that time) unknown team.

My first game was a real eye opener as I walked into a couldron of "Chinese speaking", "Gangsta Looking" team mates who didn't really seem to want me there. We played at PORIM and I played as RB. I remember a bloke especially, as all he could do was hurl verbal tirades at me in Chinese (Swee Dee, you know what you did)... It only stopped when Waynaldo to him that understand a little of the language. The game ended with us winning and me thinking "Never Again".

But the following week, I found myself back again for more abuse... The game went on better, as I showed glimpses that I could actually play some decent football, although the verbal attacks didn't stop, this time from the unofficial captain "Batman".

As time went by I realised that these "Hakka Speaking", "Gangsta Looking" guys weren't really half as bad as I thought they were. In fact they were quite the opposite, they took me in as one of their own. The sense of belonging in this team (once they warm to you, it helps if you're an OK player) is out of this world. The rest as some would say is history, I'm now playing at CB and sometimes get a run out at DM (when the superstars are not around). I'll even go as far to say that I was the pioneer in the set-up of the Wednesday FC team (Wayne, don't know if you remember...but I'm taking credit for the naming of the team).

So to the guys that were there on my first game; Tai Loong, Swee Dee, Ah Soh, Batman, Bullet, Waynaldo, Kwai Low (dearly departed) and those I can't remember as I'm getting old... Thank you for giving me such a hard time...I wouldn't have had it any other way.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wednesday FC vs Serdang Rangers

This match will be at Bank Pertanian Saturday, 3/5/08. 5PM Kick Off. Opponent is young Indian team playing in the Selangor league. Should be fast and fit. Skill? Dont know lah.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Trip Cancelled

Due to several last minutes pull out (they said they permit for it was rejected by their Home Minister lah), the trip is KIV. Big Loong suggested we plan it after the SSL season is over. Hmm. Maybe overseas trip is easier to get permit huh??

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Corruption Scandal on Malaysia Fottball Again?

Well well well. I guess everyone has read the story of how some Sarawak players are under police investigation for match fixing? This is sickening stuff to read. In 1994 a good generation of footballers were implicated and suspended and Malaysian football was forced to start anew. Anyway, back in 1994 Malaysia's football standard were already downhill. When will our football standard improved? This question had been asked and debated by many. So many factors are being cited. Definitely i can say is the amateurish management standard in all level from FAM to State FAs is one big factor.

We can't entirely blame it on the players alone for this issue. When we know very well that several states have failed to pay the players salary, EPF? Hell! do we expect the players to have the heart to turn up for training let alone playing competitive matches? The rot has long started lah...it started when politicians are involving themselves in football scene. As Razif of UK Rovers said, a top management position can easily help politician to gain the needed publicity and profile in his party and the public. This in turn will booster his chances of climbing up the party ladder. How true is that! Well, to me the grassroots structure must be enhanced or forever we can just dream on of seeing Malaysia in top flight football again.

Friday, April 25, 2008

IPOH trip

Guys. How many of you are keen to go? One day trip or overnight. It is entirely up to you. You can choose to bring your wife or girlfriend(s). Now ten guys confirmed: Wayne, Big Loong, Bullet, Joe, Lingam, Johnny, Fai, Ong, Irwin, Chung.

Big Loong will help to arrange a game with PCRC there. 4pm kick off (to avoid the rain).
Please response and let us know. Please....................

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wesnesday 2 - 3 Felda Under 19

It was a good workout for us playing a bunch of young guys. First half was quite even with us dictating the pace. Simple one two touches and passes made the opponent doing most of the running.

Kenny scored our first via a header. A nice goal. His elder brother Eric could have double the lead with another one-on-one but aiyoyo! he failed to find the net. Eventually Eric redeemed himself by getting a penalty. Score he did.

After that everyone sort of relax too much and the little kids pulled one back by beating the off side trap. We continued to relax. Towards the end of second half they got a penalty and equalized. Third half came and even keeper Ong was playing as a striker as the rest chose to sit out and chat. We were still playing good football, but our fitness went further downhill...At the very end, Felda boys squeezed in a goal no thanks to lose marking. Overall, a good match. Handshakes and good laugh was how is ended. After that it was time to hit the shower, do the dinner, take an early nap to wake up and watch Barcelona vs Man Utd.

See you all next week at COIT Uniten (click to see the map for College of Information Technology).

Monday, April 21, 2008

New Jersey

A lot of members have agreed to the idea of getting another set of jersey. The cost is estimated to be RM40 to 50 each.

The current members of our team are:
  1. Waynaldo
  2. Big Loong
  3. Ah So (crazy)
  4. Bullet - ah Le
  5. Lei Yu- Lee Joo
  6. Ong - Watermelonmen
  7. Ah Long/Lingam
  8. John
  9. Joe
  10. Jason
  11. Fai chai
  12. ah Kit
  13. HH Tan
  14. Kaka Sia
  15. Yew
  16. Swee D
  17. Director Tuck
  18. Chung- Golden left foot
  19. Irwin
  20. Peter -malai chai
  21. Kenny
  22. Fish
  23. Old Wai
  24. Kit
  25. Loh
  26. Korea
  27. Thiam
  28. Yen
  29. Chicken
  30. Cikgu
  31. Leks
  32. Taso
  33. Kim Tu
  34. Willy
  35. more will come...

Wednesday vs FELDA U-19

This match will be held at Petronas Stadium.
Kick off time 5pm.

Welcome to our blog

Hi all. Well, it is good to know for all our kaki that we now have our own blog. You are welcome to share your opinions or feedback on evertything under the sun.

I have created this blog and hope to update it as often as possible. For a start, at least we can use it to inform all future matches. In fact, there will be more things to come.