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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Funny Football

This is Football not Footbrawl lah..

Look at the first two pictures, that is what i loved about football. Fair play and fun. Aiya, we can lose a game but we CANNOT lose sportsmanship! That's how everyone felt after the game. "uncles, cool lah..football only ma" was what i overheard during the melee after the game ended. Yes! we must not let this incident ever happen again. No matter what happen on the pitch, let it end there and then. Thanks to effort by all around, sensibility prevail..and lucky that no fight broke out...Aiyo! Sakit kepala if this were to happen. Players involve will be ban for a few matches. Guys, we need to enjoy the game not spoil the mood. Self control is essential. Cool lah brother!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Football tour to Dongwan and Shenzen China

Weds FC annual tour will be on Aug 6-8-09 to 10-8-09. Tour organizer is Cikgu (kurang ajar) Chee. He said there will be two matches line up against local sides. Each confirm participants to pay air fare of RM600 (no refund) by May 10. Lodging not included but expect to pay RM120 per night. One of the Donggwan team is Sun FC www.sun11.cn

Confirmed List
1. Cikgu
2. Frankie
3. Richard Poon
4. Peter Old man (non playing member)
5. Stanley
6. Bao
7. Kenny
8. Ah Siong
9. another ah Siong (non playing)

Cikgu said limited seat available and will be first come first serve.

Friday, April 24, 2009

KL Social Soccer League Quarter Finals

Quarter finals (25/26 April)

SP Banting v Swoosh Uniten A Sunday 3:45
Conn v Wolves Uniten A Sunday 5:15
Club 9 v Socceroos Uniten B Sunday 5:15
Kepong Chinese v UK Rovers Uniten B Sunday 3:45

Fusions v Barflies Alice Smith Sunday 5:15
MF v USJ Alice Smith Sunday 3:45
KL Vikings v Maluri UPM A Sunday 5:00
BM v Warriors Bank Pertanian Sunday 3:45

DH v Astaka Petronas Stadium Sunday 5:15
Asterix Reds v Red Star Petronas Stadium Sunday 3:45
LSCM-TSV v Sporting Alice Smith Saturday 5:00
Mancis v Expert Klang Uniten B Saturday 5:00

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Weds 8 - 2 Custom

The lesson we learned from this game is never to bitch too much when your team is not playing well. Overreacting will not endear you to all. This is a game suppose for all to gather, have fun and sweat it out for good health. Do not take it too seriously. After all, winning and losing is part and parcel of the game.

Enough said. Btw, Custom team is not bad at all, they just need more time to gel. Will be a good side given enough time.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Weds 4 - 2 SEGI

Weather: Sunny.
Pitch condition: Perfect, not too hard nor soft.

Our opponent SEGI College came in a full bus load anticipating a tough match with the oldies of Weds FC. Referee also came early after being reminded that the game will kick off at 5:30.

The line up: Ong, Bullet, Soon, Waynaldo, John, Big Loong, Soon Teck, Gaga, Yew, Kenny and Fai. Reserves: Stanley, Jason, Zul, Zac, Bao and Fende. As you may noticed, Batman has not turned up for more than a month. Rumours is he got to work extra hard to meet his sales target at the current down time. Same goes to Swee D i guess.

Game started and immediately Kenny,Fai chai, Gaga missed some golden chances. Possession 60 percent to Weds. Kosong kosong first period.

Second period was quite tight and SEGI opened scoring when they managed to beat our offside trap. Stunned. Weds immediately when for the kill and in one such corner kick, sub Stanley headed in a well send cross from Soon Teck. 1-1. Against the run of play, SEGI scored again, this time no thanks to a lapse of concentration in the defend line. We pulled one back after Zac was fouled by their goalie. Gaga stepped up to equalized. Super sub Zac added the third goal with a not so well connected header but it still ended in the net.

3rd period SEGI tried hard to find some respite but our defence hold tight. Speedy Gonzalez Fai chai scored our last goal to make it 4 - 2 effectively kill off the game.

Next week it will be a game versus the Custom boys. Mr ah Loh Pet helped organized this match. So, he must be attending.

By the way, our t-shirt is already available. Sizes from XXL to S available. Please contact Waynaldo to collect your order.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Weds 4 - 0 Taylor's College

16 turned up but only 15 chose to play. Why?

First 11: Ong, Waynaldo, Sunny, Bullet, Jason. Midfields: Soon Teck, Bao, Boy (Ong's Godson), Pai Kuat Chuen. Strikers: ah Soon and John. Reserves: Big Loong, Zul, Kenny, Fender. Cikgu- Tactical advisor.

Taylor's apparently have finalized their squad and this time we saw a much smaller squad of 15/16 players. With last week game still fresh in mind, we chose to attack right from the beginning. Can't remember who scored our first goal but it was off after some neat passes ala Barcelona style. We didn't have Messi, Henry or Eto but the passing moves was certainly something we enjoyed watching from the back. Even luan luan Jao John also had decent passes. His played today was simple game without unnecessarily holding on too long to the ball. Second goal came of a corner kick header. Bao scored. Third goal came from another header and this was from a powerful far post directed goal by ah Soon.

There were no goals in the second period although we were still dominating play. Having seen such dominance in the first period, our Big Loong have no mode to play. As usual lah..

Third period resumed with the same fashion and by the end Zul scored from an easy tap in courtesy of John's work. Empat kosong it ended.

Next week will be against SEGI College. Previously we drew 3-3 at BP.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Weds 2 - 2 Taylor's College

Our young opponent came really early. By 4:30pm they were already at the pitch warming up. A chat with Suresh the manager revealed that this is their first gathering as a new team in preparation for the up coming Inter-Varsity tournament. As this team is totally new, they didn't even have a set of kits to wear for the game.

Weather: a sunny afternoon, a sharp contrast to the past few weeks.

Line up: Ong, Waynaldo, Bullet, Jason, Pai Kuat Chuen, Big Loong, Soon Teck, BT Lee, Bao, Fai and Kenny.

Game started at a slow pace (was really hot). Chances were created but there were no finishings. Kenny helped created our first goal when his miskick saw the ball dipping towards the net. Their keeper somehow fumbled and it led to the easiest job of tapping in by Fai chai. 1-0.
Second period, Soon, John and How came in as substitute. Taylor's intro of two young African players certainly changed the tempo. Despite that, Weds score another via John. Thereafter, Taylor boys came charging and their dangerman a.k.a Kanu created many chances. Eventually, our defend crumbled under pressure. 2 successive goals saw them equalized 2-2.

After discussion with fellow players, Bank Pertanian will replace Uniten as our home ground from now on. As Uniten is constantly unplayable when it rain, the best way to avoid this hassle is a pitch with good drainage system. Bank Pertanian is the choice. So guys, see you all at Bank Pertanian every Wednesdays.