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Monday, September 29, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya and lets play on

1st Syawal is on wednesday and being the first day of Raya we did not expect to get any teams interested to play a game. However, luck was on our side and a call was received from Maniam the ref asking for a friendly match. With Sang Chuan or rather the new name Expert Klang FC, denying the offer to play we swiftly took up the offer from Maniam.
Yes, Wed FC will not rest even on this big day. What to do, the guys are just crazy about football lah! The opponent will be the Police Indian team that take part in the 51st Bardhan cup. We expect to see a few Indian M-league players like B Rajainikhan. This team will be fast and fit as KL Plus but stronger (since they don't need to fast). But never mind, we will just treat this game with utmost proffesionalism and play to our level best.

See u guys at Pulapol 5pm.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A good performance

Yesterday defeat to M-league side KL Plus ( 0-2 ) was no big deal considering the fact our side is social in nature. A very respectable scoreline indeed- commented Stanley Ng. "If not for their on-loan keeper's blunder, we could have forced out a draw, shouted Swee D". Well, eventhough they are fasting now, as a professional side this is not an excuse to win by a small margin - said someone.

The initial two goals was rather soft, Wed FC made amend by pulling in Sunny Lim to the center and things were tighten up immediately. Plus attacks were cut off while we rely on old legs upfront to chase for every lose/long balls pumped up. Chances were there but Swee D could not make it count. Apa nak buat,try his best already mah..

Second half was more even with us having equal chances in attack. The second team were given more space to attack, Kim Tu's entry certainly made the opponent sit up and play harder. Fai Chai and Kenny both muffled their chances. Kenny ended paying RM20 for missing out on a one on one. In the end, we did not score but were very satisfied and heads held high.

Mat Zan their coach said" Lu orang boleh main bola" and i said " why not?"

Monday, September 22, 2008

Asterix 2 - 1 Wednesday

This match was a deserved win for Asterix. They have more possession and attack plays while we were relying more on counter attacks. That is how we managed to score via one of this. Ja, the scorer. 1-0 half time.
With 18 guys around and Big tuck chose not to play, all the extra guys were thrown in to test water. Asterix continued with their attacks and Terry Harris was a constant threat for our defence. They hit us with two goals to clinch victory. Credits to them.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday, September 12, 2008

Friendly with Asterix Reds

The match will be held at Alice Smith School on 21st, Sunday 5pm. Last we met, we had somewhat a lucky game, we led 3-0 only for them to overturn the deficit and led 4-3. We score two goals in the last few minutes to win 5-4.

By the way, in line with the big day 916, we plan to celebrate the major landscape changes during the 17th game. If nothing happen, never mind. It will surely come thru.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Next Wed game

As you would have noticed, the game versus RSC has been called off. They aren't willing to travel to Bangi and we are not keen to play at Road 10 either. So, we shall stick to our plan and play once again with the good natured Army Refs at Uniten. We shall respect our Muslim brothers for still having the desire to play during the fasting period.

See you guys then. Btw, we did not go for Karaoke or massage (cause no one care to sponsor). Maybe Zac will work out some package for the guys??

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Bullet Lee

10/9/2008..Wow 41 years young and still going strong..Take care of that knee bro. Have a good time.
Btw, when can you give us a treat? How about 8 course dinner at Shangri-La??? Massage and Karaoke after that??

Monday, September 8, 2008

Lost to eventual Champion

Vanakam! Wed FC fought gallantly in a QF match that saw them lost to eventual MIFA-Merdeka Cup champion PDFA (Petaling District FA)1-2. There is no shame in defeat and we held our head high. Overall it was a very competitive match despite the age group limit. In the end, the better team won. Congrats to PDFA.
Match 1- Wed 1-0 Grace Homecare Perak.
Match 2- Wed 0-0 Pahang Indian
Match 3- Wed 2-0 Seremban Indian
QF Wed 1-2 PDFA

We would like to thank Jason who sponsored the team for this tournament.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Champion of Golden League

Wednesday FC defeated Klang Gates 4 - 2 to clinch their first Golden league title after the second try. The match was played in front of 30,000 spectators (minus three zero lah) at BSN Bangi.

Match kick off at 5:30 with the delay cost by late arrival of Gates. It was a rather tame affair then what we thought as Wed FC dominated the attack right from the 1st whistle. Their defence were kept busy by wave after waves of attacks by our frontmen. Eric and Sia both missed some clear chances. It was about 15 minutes into play that we opened the scoring. Striker Ja fire a shot and it was somehow misjudged by the keeper, or rather his bloc couln't prevent the ball from going in. 1 - 0. Sia again missed another chance not long later. However, he redeemed himself by scoring off a neat one two with Lee Joo. First 3rd finish with us pouncing a lot of pressure on Gates.

2nd 3rd resume with Taso and Kim Tu joining the fray. This proved to much to bear and their defence crumble after constanct attacks. A powerful header by Taso was parried away by the keeper but it felt right in front of Ah Soh's foot and he just sapu the ball in. 3 - 0 and we are cruising. Gates got one back off a dubious penalty decision just before the end of it.

3rd half saw us keeping our pressure on them. Gates have no answer despite trying desperately to mount an offensive game plan. With time tickling away, we added another goal, this time via a solo effort from Sifu Kim Tu. He blasted a shot to the top left corner to kill off any chances left of Gates. The bench started the celebration much earlier that expected and their hitman score a goal much to the protest of our players. The linesmen (feeling sympathy with Gates) signaled that the safe made by Zahari indeed crosses the line- however, from what we saw, the ball did not completely crosses the line!) Tidak apa, we said. Time is no more and we celebrated a good win. Manager Bai Kar Lee said we will get 3 tables of Roti Canai buffets at Kiara Curry House.