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Monday, May 26, 2008

Dusun Tua Game 31st May

Announcement: final confirmation, the game against Dusun Tua will be held on Saturday, 31st May 5pm at Uniten A.

The following game will be as usual Wednesday 4th June 5.00pm against RHB at RHB field.

As Wayne will be away for both gameS, I will help him to handle both games. Bullet Lee will be handling the collection for both games.

With Boss not around, players line up will be taken over by MascheTailow or Sai D or captain Lee Joo.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Latest on Sandakan Trip

The figure has risen to 11 now. "luan luan jao 亂亂走 John" being the latest member. Kaka Sia and his side kick Yew want to check if the EPL season is in by then or not. For those who have yet to decide, better do it soon. 3 more places up for grab. First come first serve basis.

Sandakan photolink: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/sandakan/
Sabah Map http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.sabahtravelguide.com/images/index_page/SABAH-MAP.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.sabahtravelguide.com/mapguide.asp&h=615&w=745&sz=164&tbnid=-O1prSTx1sgJ:&tbnh=116&tbnw=141&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dsabah%2Bmap&sa=X&oi=image_result&resnum=1&ct=image&cd=1

Our opponent: Lian Hua FC (山打根聯華足球隊)

  1. Waynaldo (Organizer)
  2. Bullet Lee (Entertainment & Hole Searching Manager)
  3. Ah Long (Blog cum match reporter)
  4. Irwin (going for the Stout)
  5. Joachim (another one going for the Stout)
  6. Kenny (big boss with money no place to spend mah)
  7. Jason (another big boss with money no place to spend mah)
  8. Leks (as long as it is piang, liang, jiang, I am on)
  9. Chung (Golden Left foot)
  10. Willy (Rooney)
  11. John (no choice but to sign up, if not kena taruk kow kow by Bullet and ah Long)
  12. Nicholas (Hong Kong goalie)
  13. Korea
  14. ?
  15. ?
  16. ?

Sandakan Trip

Some kayu still call me and ask if the Sandakan trip is on? For information, "WFC Takes on Sandakan" trip is ON. Tentatively the flight timing as follow:

Depart: 9th August 0715: LCCT - Sandakan.
Return: 11th August 1710: Sandakan - LCCT

Accomodation: 5 star Pondok Hotel with open air concept toilet

Two matches have been arranged at Sandakan Stadium:

1. 9th August 1600: vs. Sandakan All Star consist of all ex Sabah players in ping pong, badminton, hockey, basketball, swimming, gymnastic......except football.

2. 10th August 1600: vs. Sandakan Supermodels all age between 18-24, average height 170cm (34D, 24, 35).

The Sandakan Stadium has just been refurbished with newly laid grass and the pitch quality after inspection by Mikkal Pandiri is claimed to be as good as Old Trafford. Ticket for both matches already sold out with rumours claiming black market ticket going at RM50 for open terrace. We are trying to have maximum 16 players so that everyone could get plenty of playing time especially for the second match. The list of those confirm:

1. Waynaldo (Organizer)
2. Bullet Lee (Entertainment & Hole Searching Manager)
3. Ah Long (Blog cum match reporter)
4. Irwin (going for the Stout)
5. Joachim (another one going for the Stout)
6. Kenny (big boss with money no place to spend mah)
7. Jason (another big boss with money no place to spend mah)
8. Leks (as long as it is piang, liang, jiang, I am on)
9. Chung
10. Willy

So please drop the organizer a call to confirm your seat. Non refundable deposit of RM300 to be pay to Waynaldo latest by 28th May (next Wednesday before game start). See u all at Sandakan.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wed FC vs UPM Staff

This match was supposed to be against the 1RAMD team. Alamak! Their manager text me at 10 evening to cancel the match. After frantically searching for opponents, none could play. In last ditch effort, i contacted UPM Staff team. En. Zainal the coach agreed to play. Hallelujah! Game on.
Shoot! come the next day. Around 4 something, dark clouds started to gather to the south of Sg. Besi area. We all wonder whether it will be game or not. Phone calls kept coming in just to find out if the game will go on. SMSes were sent telling the guys to make it regardless it rain rocks or not. By 5, the sky opened up just wee bit. Game on brother!

With UPM A pitch turning to a fish pond, the game again switched to the ever reliable College 14 pitch. Darn! it was perfect, not water logged. Game started with 18 fellas turning up on our side and swell to 20 with the arrival of Jason and Edwin. Those who have not turned up for a long long time resurface too. Alan and Big D (Andy). Lucky that Swee D and Batman did not turn up. Hmm...wonder what will happened. With such a big squad? What to do? First come first serve lah..and the regular gets to play first loh..To make our selection job easier, we ended loaning 4 of our young studs to the opponent just to help them make up a team.

Overall, the match was quite even. Not many clear chances were created. We were just lucky to score with an opportunistic goal when Crazy "ah Soh" was put through. He rounded the advancing keeper to tab in an empty goal. 1 - 0 to Wednesday FC in the end.

This is the third times we played this team in as many as 2 months period. The overall result is win 1 draw 1 and lose 1. Next week is back to Uniten agains JKR FC.

Wednesday 3 - 1 Merbok FC

The match was played on a sunny afternoon on Sunday 18th May at BSN. We trooped in rather early expecting to play asap but the waiting game was at work again. At least this time it wasn't too bad as Merbok players started to arrive 5 minutes before 5. Our guys chose to play "monkey" while waiting for the rest of Merbok's players. Game kick off around 5:35 (not bad lah).
As usual, it was a 3-half game. Just to mention here, Jason arrived with him a new Europass ball all the way from France (Euro dollar $110). Of course, it was dully baptised. First third kick off with both teams sizing each other up in the first ten minutes. As both teams slowly went into the rhythm, Goal....scored by Merbok. Lingam Ling tried to encourage the rest to regroup. Out of several attacks, Ling combined well with Yew to put Kenny through..Kenny scored with a low drive to the left of the goalie. 1 -1 first third ended.

With captain Batman's arrival in the second third, the midfield was strengthen. Sia and Yew were busy opening up chances for the forward and in a swift move, Dribble Leks (a.k.a Lee Chong Wei) score with a powerful header (but i thought he just closed his eyes and headed it). Wed FC continued to dominate and our player was fouled in the box- spot kick given. Kaka Sia stepped up to strike it at the left post and bounced in. 3 -1.

Third third resumed with mass substitution just like second half. With a bigger size squad, we managed to use it to our full advantage in terms of fitness. Merbok were struggling with a thin bench. It was more like a one way traffic now. Despite 1001 chances, Wed players just can't score. In the end, 3 - 1 to Wed FC. Handshake, well done.

Game call off....and on again.

The match with 1RAMD has been cancelled as they called to say they can't raise a team. Too bad, and i was forced to seek high and low for a replacement. Thank God, finally our ever reliable partner, UPM Staff stepped in to help. It is now game on at UPM A. Hopefully our opponent for next week JKR fc will not do a 1RAMD.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Wednesday FC vs. KL Plus U19

This is the third meeting between the old men for WFC against all this youngster under 19 of age with us winning the previous 2 encounters. As usual, the youngster were already warming up while the old men were seen taking their time wearing boots and catching their stamina (smoking lah). Mr. Luan Luan Jau "John" somehow managed to forget bringing his boots and short pants, so he has no choice but to be the Mr. Strategy of the day. That early warning of disaster were somehow not noted by all of us who thought it is just going to be another easy match.

When the ref blew the whistle to start the first half, many of the star players were still missing. So the line up goes like this: GK Kit, Waynaldo & Bullet cb, Chung lb & Yu Loh rb. The midfielder, Crazy, Ah Long, Sai D and Big Mouth Stan. Striker: Willy and Ah Yan. With that kind of line up especially when we are player a CB as striker and 2 natural striker as midfielder, u probably know that it is going to be tough. And true enough, the first third start with the youngster attacking us most of the time. Our midfielder even though tried hard, was not playing as a unit. However our defender was doing well to break down the youngsters attack with Ah Long as the defensive midfielder doing lots of covering. Just when we finally settle down and throwing some sporadic attacks, the youngster make a counter attack. From a long ball through the midfield, Bullet Lee was covering and shielding the striker well while expecting the GK to come out and pick up the ball. However, both the GK and Bullet do not have that chemistry between them, so at the most crucial time, both decided to stop and let the other guy to deal with the running ball. The striker managed to sneak in and said "Thank you" before calming slotting the ball past our GK. So both GK and Bullet was up for firing with words like "ma kai", "kayu lah", "heng tai, jin san ti" etc being hurled. Ah Long after much running could not last the first third and went out 5 minutes before the half finish with a new player Ah Siong who came in for him.

Second half line up, CB: Cikgu & Waynaldo. RB Ah Siong, LB Chung. Midfielder: Yu Loh, MascheTailow, Bullet Lee and Fei Jai. Striker Sai D and Willy.The line up tells a lot, with 6 natural defenders playing. From the first minutes of restart, our formation change from a 4-4-2 to 6-2-2 with the 6 defenders playing at the same defending line. That Kayu Bullet Lee basically just could not differentiate his position of defensive midfield and centre back, so he was sticking to Waynaldo all the time. The team was again under attack from the youngsters. The subs at the side of the field decided to make some changes, and shouted that Bullet Lee and Waynaldo change their position. Now the control of the midfield improve and from a counter attack, Waynaldo who is now playing as midfield, managed to supply a through ball to Willy who have not problem beating the goalkeeper. 1-1. MascheTailow was having problem running after taking a huge ba chang during the 4pm yam cha session. Sai D was wandering around shaking his head seeing how we keep losing possession. He was substitute with Felix. Probably due to not used to playing as left midfielder or he just lack the stamina, Felix was seen walking and panting most of the time. However we managed to held on and finish the 2nd third 1-1.

Before the final third, our MascheTailow sound out a warning, "Ah Long, you go and put a proper line up". Aiyoyo, being the small fish, I sure push the responsibility away lor. So Sai D was entrusted with the task of putting 11 guy out there from what was available. The final third see us playing better with more control in the midfield and with Fei Jai and Crazy in front, managed to give their defender more preassure. From an attack, Ah Long release Crazy on the left. Crazy after beating a defender, sent a cross in towards Fei Jai.....the whole team was holding their breath. However we had put unrealistic hope on Fei Jai. With his height, we should not have expect too much. True enough, Fei Jai jumped and managed to miss his header all together. The ball drop and hit the toe of a defender who wash rushing back.......and the ball rolls into their goal. "Goal.....goal...." Fei Jai was celebrating.......and for us....."ma kai, very lucky wor".

The game goes on with each side missing some opportunities. Crazy was holding well up front and beating defenders quite easily but the final touch was not there. Another through pass from Crazy put Fei Jai through but the GK was alert enough to rush our and hit a clearance which headed directly to Sai D. From 44.2 yards away, Sai D hit a nice first time shot and the ball was goal bound with their GK still stumbling back. "Ma kai.....missed! I hit very soft liaw lah!" exclaimed Sai D when the ball just missed the goal by flying 1.3 inches over the cross bar.

The youngster were also dangerous in their attack. In a move, their striker managed to dribble passed Felix. Cikgu came in to support and managed to force him to the byline on the right side of our goal, so basically there were no angle for shooting. To our amazement, Cikgu after doing all the superb work, decided to pull the striker at his arm and the referee has no choice but to award a penalty. "Pangggg......." the ball strikes the cross bar..........After some exchange of attacks....the youngster again dribble past our defender and this time make no mistake of slotting the ball past on rushing Ah Kit. 2-2

After the game, as usual the banters goes on.....the post mortem and pointing out of what were the mistakes make were going well when suddenly the topic took a drastic change when Sai D start talking about Macau trip.......now the topic become more interesting with Big Mouth Stan getting very excited.....ok....I am not going to reveal the detail of the topic here...so........

Final score 2-2.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Invitation to ASIAN MASTER CUP 2008

Thailand's Senior Footballer Association has extended us an invitation. Yes, our team is really well known now. Following is the email excerpt from them:

Dear Sir,
My name is Thepitak Chansuthep President of senior footballers' association of Thailand. I just would like to know that if Thailand will organize the football tournament for senior football lovers so called 'ASIAN MASTER CUP 2008' in Bangkok or the city nearby would you like to come? The players participating in this tournament will be 38 years old and above.There will be 3 categories of the players:
  1. Category 1 player from age 38-44( 3 in the field)
  2. Category 2 player from age 45-49(4 in the field)
  3. Category 3 player from age 50 and above( 3 in the field)
  4. And 1 goal keeper
The host Thailand will provide you all the accommodation,meals,transportation,Gala Dinner etc only one thing that you have to pay is the air fare. Please let me know as soon as possible because the tournament will be organized during 21-27 September 2008.
Best Regards Thepitak Chansuthep Chairman of organizing committee

Friday, May 9, 2008

Wednesday vs 1RAMD

Venue: Uniten B

Date: 14/5/08

this team will be really early. So, come early too.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wednesday 1 - 2 Uniputra

It was an excellent day for football as the skies were filled with clouds and a cool breeze was billowing lightly at the kolej 14 field. Touted to be a really good field... Sadly, we found out the the parquet flooring at a futsal court was softer on the knees then this so called "gempak" field.

The game started off late as usual (this is a norm la when you play government bodies and university staffs and students), but from the looks of it these guys were all set to exact some revenge on us as we keep on beating them.

The first third saw WFC trading blows with their opponents as both teams struggled to get a firm grip on the game (the only thing that was firm was the field). As the half went on WFC started to get some semblance on the passing team that we are. However, a fluke goal which saw our "Fishman" try to stop the ball with his third leg but to no avail. The ball trickled pass his not long enough member to a Uniputra player who slotted home from 1 feet. 1 nil down to WFC.

The 2nd third, approximately 6 players were substituded for either not running enough (Susu Niam Niam Club members la...Bullet the main culprit) or not being able to run enough. The changes proved fruitful as a long searching ball from Masheralong through a freekick found Kenny in acres of space. Kenny however was able to wait long enough for the keeper to come out and clatter into him big time... Luckily he scored. 2 minutes later, from a corner Uniputra grabbed the lead again... With the ball played in for a corner, the WFC defenders (everyone that was in the box la...) were more interested to see if they could count how many birds were flying over head as the Uniputra player just had to stand there and head the ball.

The 3rd third was played out finally with WFC trying to play some good football. We were rewarded with more possesion and shots on goal, sadly with no results. The highlight of the final third was the banter between Swee Dee and motor mouth Ah Long... All in all a great game of football, on a beautiful day with great friends.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Borak Borak Time

Guys, is Wednesday again. The lover of Western cuisine should be familiar with TGIF (Thank God is Friday, hope I got this correct), so for all WFC members, it is always TGIW. Is yam cha follow by football time.

I managed to browse through the newspaper this morning while having my breakfast and 2 headline caught my attention. The disaster in Myammar and Paul Gascoine seen begging on the street. I remember when Mr. Gascoine was at his peak playing for Spurs, he needlessly went for a challenge in a game and broke his leg. He was never the same player again. It was the same case as our friend Mr. Bai Khar Tan who went for a challenge in the game against Astaka and sustain serious injury to his knee that requires operation. He is now on his road to recovery but still unsure when he could start playing again. So football and natural disaster is very similar in a way..........you never know when disaster will strike but we could definitely have some plan to minimize the damage if indeed it strikes. This lead me back to my main point today....

Last Saturday during the game against Serdang Ranger, Wayne, Bone Chun and me was sitting outside during the third half when we start talking about Bai Khar Tan's injury and the cost involved for the operation et cetera. Wayne and I both agreed that as a footballer, Bone Chun should have some coverage in terms of insurance and medical insurance. In fact if we are to look into the cost of the operation which is more than RM40k as in Bai Khar Tan's case, do we really have that cash in hand to deal with it? Another question will be why should our hobby becomes a financial burden which will affect our family if we really sustain an injury? While a lot of players would think that they will not sustain injury if they do not go in a challenge or try to avoid challenge, then I would say this is very wrong. Yours truly managed to lose my footing, slip and sprain my ankle last week without any challenge from opponent. I was lucky as I wore my ankle guard as protection which managed to hold firm. Without it, it could have been worst.

Guys, please think about it. By the way, I am not an insurance agent but as Wayne put it, "you don't have to get a policy from me, but please do go and get a coverage to protect yourself and family".

See you guys later......

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Wednesday vs UPM Staff- 7/5

This match will be held at College 14 pitch, UPM.

Wednesday 2 - 0 Serdang Rangers

Our young ospponent arrived very early for some serious warm ups while the 6 of us who arrive early went over to the nearby warong to enjoy our Milo ais, teh tarik. The rare appearance of our Aussie mate Taso added extra strength in the middle with Big Loong no where to be seen and Batman arriving late as usual. Game started with the younger opponents trying to play a fast pace game. The middle line with Kaka Sia, Yew, ah Long and Taso were holding on their own very well, spreading and spraying our two frontmen Kenny and Crazy with many chances. The back line with "Golden left foot Chung", John John , Bullet and Waynaldo were patrolling the defensive line with ease. Fruitking Ong had nothing much to do except the save some sporadic attempts by Serdang Rangers.
In the first half, some intelligent play between the midfielders freed up ah Yew who rounded the keeper to open the scoring. Ah Yew scored our second in a very similar build up. After that, the match went from end to end with Serdang trying very hard to get one back. But our defenders did well to contain them. Matches started to get a bit physical no thanks to the ref who thought a friendly game should try not to give away too many yellows. However, all was under controlled.
Ah Long was the only casualty of this match. In a move to clear a high ball, i don't know what happen actually, he landed awkwardly and injured his swift left foot. Maybe out for a couple of week. Makai! Ah long said.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Bullet Lee scored sponsorship deal!!

Bullet Lee managed to sweet talk his susu niam niam buddy into sponsoring Wed FC a new kit. Want prove? See the photo...Of course Ong was just there to present the mock cheque lah...real money is in Bullet's Public bank account already.

The sponsorship is from KIN Copper and Electrics.

Football Video 1.1

1. Scorpion kick http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCxe4r6SjH0
2. Top 10 Solo Goals http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnQeKQ4G0gw

Enjoy watching. 好料分享! 大只徳-scorpion kick 你掂嗎?

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Wednesday 2 - 2 POS M'sia

The match was played on a windy yet Sunny evening. All about 19 players turned up. We had to wait nearly an hour for the opponent to have a full squad. Prior to that someone suggested that we shouldn't waste time in waiting and a fun 9-a-side was promptly organized. Finally the opponent arrived with 11 chaps. However the match started with them having a great mix of different colours while we stuck with our favourite yellow kit.
The match started in a slightly faster pace and POS were having the upper hand. Their two Indian boys were combining well to threaten our back line. Cikgu and Bullet were always there when needed. Nearly 20 minutes of play later, POS drew first blood when a lapse of concentration allowed the elder Indian boy to supply a through pass to his brother, which he dully scored in a one on one with keeper Ong. Not long after, in a similar attack started by these two chaps, POS scored again through the first scorer. First half ended with Wednesday relying mostly on counter attacks with John nearly scored off a header.
Second half resumed with us making 4-5 changes (the opponent practically changed their whole team - a weaker side definitely). Sensing a weaker side would allow more goal opportunities, this prompted ah Long (who initially declined to play, eagerly wanted to join the fray). Wednesday managed to scored the first goal through Kaka Sia when he avoided two defenders to do so. And guess who scored our equalizer?? Surprise? Ah Long! And it was a beauty and a bit of luck too. He managed to dribble past two defenders and placed it to the far right of the keeper. Ah Long was just ecstatic to score a rare jewel piece of goal. Thereafter the match went into a stalemate with neither side manage to find the net. Big Loong and Waynaldo chose to sit out the entire match citing "no mood to play".