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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Vs. Padang Merbok

The game took place at Uniten B yesterday (30th July 08) without Boss Wayne. Opponent was Padang Merbok FC and as usual, the game kick off late around 6pm. Most of the old man of WFC did not want to start the game due to the hot weather and also due to their participation on 7 a side tournament at RSC this Saturday. However the FT Chinese manager, Stanley was very eager to play and was seen warming up by jogging since 4.45pm. Our MascheTailow and Sai D decided the line up. So the first name to be called was Stanley as the playmaker, follow by our captain Lee Joo and the rest. Cikgu played as keeper as none of our gk turn up.

The Malay boys started the game on slow pace as the have no time to warm up, so our old man was controlling the game but without creating many chances. Korea lasted only 15 minutes and came out to be replaced by Fei Jai. The game become lively now with the additional speed from Fei Jai and the Malay boys already warm up. A through ball from don't know who put Fei Jai through but the Malay gk was fast out his line and manage to kick the ball and at the same time clash into Fei Jai. The clearance drop nicely to Sai D and with the gk laying on the field holding his ankle, Sai D has the easy task of putting the ball into the empty net from 30 yards out. First half finished at 1-0.

Second half start with yours truly as gk. The boring second half have nothing much to talk except for an injury on Cikgu when he was banged from behind going into a header. So out go Cikgu with the concern Stanley unsure if he will have enough players for Saturday.

Third half again started with me as gk again (ma kai, this is the last time I am playing as gk). Big Tat and Yeo played as centre back with Luan Luan Jao John as right back. Sai D and LLJ John decided to show their passing skill in front of our goal and after exchanging few passes, it was intercepted by opponent who waste no time to dribble straight towards the goal and put the ball pass our gk. However from kicked off, Sai D put us in the lead again with a brilliant and deft chip. Kenny extend our lead with a powerful follow up shot after his first shot hit the gk face. And Fei Jai put the game beyond our opponent with a brilliant solo.

Another mistake by our player resulting in the ball being intercept again and a good cross field pass found their striker in acre of space. The striker has the easy task off putting the ball into the net pass our gk. Final result 4-2 to the oldies of WFC.

Bullet Lee watch the match from outside due to his pai kar. As usual pasang kia Gaga called me to confirm the venue of the game but did not turn up. The next game, they should be banish to the reserve due to the lack of appearance.

WFC is now adopting the policy of first 11 and more playing time for those who comes regularly. No more star treatment for the so called star players. This is only fair to everyone. So to those who wants more playing time.......please show more commitment.

Ah Long: reporting and commenting from Uniten B.

Monday, July 28, 2008

SANDAKAN updates

Guys, make sure you are at LCCT terminal latest by 6 morning. Airplane wait for no one. On the other hand, Henry couldn't join us and have to forfeit his seat. However, we have Gaga Sia and Ah Jack of Sang Chuan who joined the list of Wed FC guys.

Liew of Lian Hua FC confirmed that there will be a challenge trophy given to the winners of the friendlies. Mr. Fong Chun Fatt, our KK boss will also be going to Sandakan to see us play. What an honour.

Ling and i thought maybe we will organize a friendly match on 2nd for those going to Sandakan. Will decide soon.

See you soon.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wednesday 2 - 2 PLUS

A fine weather to play a game of good football only spoiled by a big patch of water right in the middle of our home pitch. The drainage system apparently did not function since ages ago. Another proof of wastage or shall i say corruption (despite paying over 500K for the drainage job)?

Again, this is a full house attendence. Over 20 guys. Waynaldo, Lingam, Bullet, Big Loong, Batman, Swee D, Jason, John, Irwin, Korea, Fai Chai, Frankie, Cikgu, Joachim, Edwin, Loh, Siao Je, Yian, Zahari, Kamal, Felix and Aiman Wong. Our opponent is the team that will see some of their players selected to the new season M-league side. So, definitely these guys will want to prove themselves to the selectors of PLUS.

First third started will both team applying the cautious approach. Attacks were few and the younger PLUS side were doing more of the possession with us the oldies sitting back and relax. The first goal came off in about the end of 1st third when they score off a dubious off-side goal. Protest to the MIB wasn't entertained and apparently Boss Jason were the one who made the off-side trap failed.

PLUS scored another one right after the start of second third. However, undaunted, our B team showed their class by equalizing with two well taken chances. Fai Chai who just recovered from high fever (for watching too much porns) score a brace. Korea was the supplier for his second goal. This goal deserved extra mentioned for the way it was scored. A neat through ball from Korea found Fai Chai with acres of space. Fai chai raced through and have a one on one duel with the keeper. He managed to beat the on rushing keeper, had time to ditch another tackle by a PLUS defender and cooly banged it in. What a good goal!

In the 3rd third, again our forward had two golden chances to kill off PLUS but alas
Swee D missed a sitter followed by Siao Je whose lobbed over the keeper found the ball narrowly missed the empty goalmouth. In the end 2 - 2. The uncles of Wednesday FC proved once again why we are "no play play team" , dont' underestimate us.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wednesday 5 - 4 Asterix Reds

Here is the comment from Asterix regarding our friendly game with them:

Sunday, July 6, 2008
Asterix Reds 4 - 5 Wednesday FC (Friendly)

Having just secured a coaching role in The Maldives, Roy Schofield - the alleged former pro with Partick Thistle - returned from sunshine of The Maldives for this friendly with Wednesday FC. It was to be a gloomy afternoon for Roy however. His two own goals (yes, two own goals) provided Wednesday with the decisive goals they needed to turn around a 4-3 deficit into a 5-4 win.

We started the game knocking the ball around quite nicely but didn't hold the ball well up top or create many opportunities to score. As the game wore on, our patience shortened and we reverted to looking for the killer ball all too often and gave possession to Wednesday too often. To their credit, they used it well and exploited the space afforded by our 3 man defence to take a 3 goal lead after about 30 minutes. We then reverted to a more traditional 4-4-2 formation which shored up our defence and gave us a better platform from which to attack. This changed the game and two goals before half time by Adam Scott brought us back to 2-3.

We continued to create chances in the second half and held firm at the back. Two very good goals by Andy Johnston and Bunmi Soldiya gave us a 4-3 advantage and we looked like adding more. A couple of good chances went begging but I felt we were in good shape to add to our total and win comfortably. Then the curse of the White Feather struck. A corner to the near post should have been easily dealt with. However, Roy - shall I say - drifted off his post only to see his attempt to clear the ball deflect off his shin and into the net. 4-4, but I still felt we could score to restore our lead. However, I didn't expect what was to come next. The Wednesday wide man delivered a cross to no-one into our box. With plenty of time, we all felt that Roy would deal comfortably with the ball. But, one bounce, Roy leans forward into the ball, meets the ball with his head and sends a perfectly timed header rocketing off the underside of the bar and into the back of the net. It would have been a finish any centre forward would have been proud off. Such a shame it was in the wrong end.

Iit kept a couple of good stops from Tom 'The New Cat' Sarginson to prevent the scoreline worsening as we pushed forward looking for an equaliser. 4-5 was how it ended.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Golden League

We will take part in the Golden league starting this week. Only players born in 1974 or before can play (age 34 and up). However each team can field 3 players born in 1981 or before (minimum age 27). Those who play will chip in money in each match they involved. $10. Two years ago, we lost in the semi-final. This time hope we will go all the way to win the cash prize. It will not be easy but we will do our best.

Sandakan Trip

Mr Leong Mun Wai a.k.a Wai Chai is the latest member to Sandakan. Wai Chai is one of the pioneer member of Mancis United FC and has served the team well. Playing as a midfielder, his presence will definitely strengthen the squad. Welcome brother!